Energy Clearing with Archangel Michael – CLEAR Your Energy Fast!

A Powerful Energy Clearing Practice

I’m excited to share with you a powerful technique for energy clearing that I received from Archangel Michael…

This is a simple and yet incredibly powerful practice for clearing your energy so that you’re able to shine clear and bright… And so that your aura and energy fields naturally resonate with what you want to call forth into the world.

Keeping your energy shining clear and bright empowers you to naturally resonate with blessings with joy and love.

Why Energy Clearing?

Energy clearing is so important now because quite frankly there’s a lot of crazy stuff happening in the world that you may be energetically tuning into taking on… Not to mention your own negative thoughts and patterns that have a way of latching on and weighing down your energy.

Essentially, if you feel like you’re carrying a weight around, that is a clear sign that your etheric energy body is calling out for cleansing. And there are lots of other signs…

But without diving into that right now, let’s just assume that energy clearing is something that will be beneficial for you now… Because really, clearing your energy is something you want to do often… Every day cleansing your energy, returning to love, returning to presence in the moment with your heart open and your energy shining clear and bright so that you’re able to stand in your divine truth, shine your authenticity, and call forth blessings into your life and in the collective on behalf of all.

So without talking too much about why you need to clear your energy. Let’s just go ahead and do the energy clearing exercise with Archangel Michael, so you can experience the cleansing energy and feel the difference it makes in your energetic field.

Energy Clearing With Golden Light

Energy Clearing with Golden Solar LightTo begin, allow your awareness to shift within…  Focusing on your heart center, and allowing your awareness to enter into your heart and allowing your heart open.

Let yourself effortlessly and naturally tune into light, warmth, and peace within your open heart.

Then repeat in your mind or aloud: 

“I call in my team of guides and angels and Archangel Michael, please cleanse my energy so that I may brightly shine and step into being of service at a higher level.”

As a quick side note, when you ask for things from the angels with the clear intent for being of service at a higher level, know that your request will likely be supported, because your aligning with being of service is supported by Divine Will, and is something that the entire universe can get behind.

So… You can supercharge your intentions by having the pure intent to be of service.

Once you repeat aloud, or strongly in your mind the above invocation…

Keep your attention focused on your heart center, allowing your energy relax, as you then begin to tune in to a golden orb of light above your head.

Archangel Michael steps forward, shining down upon you the golden solar Christ light to cleanse your energy…

Tune into this brilliant orb of golden light. And imagine, that it’s shining down upon you in a golden column …

Surrounding your body, mind and spirit with a column of golden light.

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Now allow the golden light to enter into your heart center, so that your heart center is ignited, awakened and filled with this golden Solar Christ light.

Relax, and breathe into your heart center, letting the golden light of your heart center expand all around you, until you’re completely immersed in the light.

Let the orb of light expand around you so that you are at the center within your heart chakra, but the orb of light surrounds your entire being.

So the top of the orb is way above your head. The bottom of the orb is below your feet, and you’re completely surrounded with this glowing orb of light… Above, below, in front, beside, behind, within…

This glowing Sun of Solar Christ light and angelic energy is all around you. Feel the warmth, feel the tingling, feel the clearing that’s already taking place as your energy is being cleared and elevated just by having this golden orb of light around you.

But now sense, imagine or visualize that the golden orb around you now begins to spin, in a counterclockwise motion around your body.

This orb of light spins, spinning faster and faster. spinning at the speed of light, unlocking from your energy field anything that’s no longer meant to be there… Releasing any lower vibrations, any negativity, any fear, toxins. attachments are all unlocked from your energy field and released through this spinning orb of light.

The angels are on hand to assist you in letting go and releasing into the light. And as this orb of light continues to spin and spin around, you faster and faster…

Archangel Michael is also assisting you in this clearing process.

It is as if your energy field is being vacuumed through this vortex spin. The orb spinning around you faster and faster, clearing your energy on every level.

As this happens, let your attention remain focused on your breathing… And as you breathe, let go of and pay attention to whatever arises. You may become aware of memories, feelings or sensations coming up to release… Don’t grasp on to them… Just be aware of them… And then let them go into the spinning orb of light cleansing your energy.

Stay with this visualization for as long as you like, and for as long as you feel guided. The longer you allow the orb of Solar golden light to spin around you the more deeply and thoroughly it will cleanse your energy.

Then when you feel ready, allow the orb of light to lift up above your being. And as it lifts, allow it to take with it any lingering fear energy, negativity, dense energy, stagnant energy, distortion, anything you’re carrying with you that you don’t need to … That doesn’t serve, that isn’t yours, or isn’t for your highest and greatest good.

Let it go.

So let this orb lift up and with it allow a final release of whatever needs to go.

Archangel Michael takes it, releasing it into the light

Now tuning into the orb above your head once again…

Notice that it begins to shine down upon you in a waterfall of golden light, and angelic energy…

Rinsing your etheric body, rinsing your aura, cleansing your mind, body, and spirit with light and gently flowing into your heart center.

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Once again, allow your heart to open and brightly shine … So that your heart light expands around you, illuminating your body with light, warmth,  and with glowing angelic energy from within.

Let your heart light clearly and brightly shine, empowering you to stand in more of your authentic truth, and to brightly shine your light clear, radiant and bright to illuminate your surroundings.

To bless and uplift everyone you come in contact with, and to through resonance, attract to you the highest and best for you in your life.

When you’ve finished this cleansing practice I recommend ending with gratitude:

“Thank you to Archangel Michael and all the angels for assisting in cleansing my energy. I ask that you continue to guide and assist me in shining my highest light, embodying my truth and being of service at a higher level.”

I hope this was helpful for you!

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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Melanie Beckler

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