7 Crystals for Protection! These 7 Seriously Work Like Magic!

7 Crystals for Protection

There are many incredible crystals for protection to choose from. They all differ a bit in their energy and qualities, but really, there are many that can offer you protection from detrimental electromagnetic frequencies, detrimental energies in general, as well as protection from entities, negative thought patterns, general negative energy or even psychic attack energy from others. Continue reading “7 Crystals for Protection! These 7 Seriously Work Like Magic!”

Conscious Channeling – The 3 Types of Channeling

Conscious Channeling Versus Intuitive Channeling Versus Trance Channeling

Channeling is channeling right? Well, actually… There are different types of channeling, and even one type, like conscious channeling, can take many different forms.

So today I want to help clear up some of the confusion, by sharing the three main types of channeling. This will also help you to learn whether or not you’ve started channeling without realizing it! Continue reading “Conscious Channeling – The 3 Types of Channeling”

Aura Cleansing – A Simple Technique That REALLY Works!

Instant Aura Cleansing – Do This NOW!

Are you carrying negativity and distortion in your aura? If you don’t regularly cleanse your aura… The answer to this question is likely yes… Even if you don’t realize it! The good news is that aura cleansing can be easy.

So today, I’m going to share with you a simple and yet, powerful practice to cleanse your aura and raise the vibration of your energetic being. Continue reading “Aura Cleansing – A Simple Technique That REALLY Works!”