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On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, an event many consider to be the centerpiece of their faith. But Easter is more than just a day. What happens when we think of it as a verb? Then the resurrection becomes a spiritual practice in daily life.

Megan McKenna, the prolific and profound Catholic writer, saw it this way when she was leading a Bible study. She shares the following vignette in her book Not Counting Women and Children: Neglected Stories from the Bible.

“Once in a parish mission when I was studying this scripture (Luke 7: 11-17) with a large group, someone called out harshly, ‘Have you ever brought someone back from the dead?’ I had been saying that life happens when we are interrupted, and that some of the most powerful acts of resurrection happen to the least likely people; that we are the people of resurrection and hope, called to live passionately and compassionately with others, to defy death, to forgive, and to bring others back into the community, to do something that is life-giving, that fights death and needless suffering. And then this challenge from the back of the church.

“My response was ‘Yes.’ I went on to say, ‘Every time I bring hope into a situation, every time I bring joy that shatters despair, every time I forgive others and give them back dignity and the possibility of a future with me and others in the community, every time I listen to others and affirm them and their life, every time I speak the truth in public, every time I confront injustice — yes — I bring people back from the dead.’ ”

Spiritual Practices

Let’s identify some ways we can practice resurrection in our daily lives.

  • Give your full attention to whatever you are doing, and you’ll recognize the constant renewal of life all around you.
  • Walk the path of beauty and notice the spiritual radiance in people, places, and growing things — more signs of rebirth.
  • Leave the past to God’s mercy. Leave the future to God’s discretion. Living in the present moment, the only time when God brings forth new life, is a way of affirming your belief in resurrection.
  • Whenever you with compassion open your heart, mind, and soul to the pain of the world, you help bring suffering beings back into the land of the living.
  • When you cultivate the art of making connections, the walls of separation come crashing down and new life can spring up out of the rubble.
  • When you regularly pray for others as part of your devotional activities, you are practicing resurrection.
  • Enthusiasm is the mark of a life-giver. When you can laugh and sing and relish life, you are practicing resurrection.
  • Faith enables us to live with confidence amidst doubt and paradox. When you can trust in your relationship with God, all kinds of leaps and rebirths are possible.
  • Every time you forgive someone, another resurrection is in the making.
  • Every time you accept God’s grace in your life and see it in the world around you, your own resurrection is in the making.
  • Practice gratitude and you are slaying the death-dealing forces of boredom, despair, and taking-things-for-granted.
  • Bring hope to someone in despair, bring healing to those in conflict, and you are contributing to the ongoing resurrection.
  • When you can welcome guests and alien ideas with graciousness, you are participating in a new world of hospitality.
  • When you give full rein to your imagination, you are opening the gates of creativity so resurrection can come in.
  • When you add even a small portion of joy to the lives of those around you, you bring resurrection into your community.
  • Your work for justice, freedom, and equality sets the stage for resurrection. When you feed the hungry and stand up for the oppressed, you are a life-giver.
  • Your little acts of kindness tenderize the world, add to the fund of good will, and set the table for resurrection.
  • Listen to others, the universe, and your inner voice, and you’ll be privy to resurrections when they happen.
  • Love God, love your neighbor, and love your new life as marks of the resurrection.
  • Find meaning in your experiences and speak the truth to power, and you help put death in its place.
  • Nurture yourself — eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest — and you are helping God resurrect your body.
  • When you stay open to all people and situations, you affirm your belief that all things can be made new.
  • Every peace treaty that you sign with someone who is your enemy or opponent is a sign of resurrection.
  • Sometimes you feel refreshed by the simplest things — laughter, games, play. This, too, is resurrection.
  • Othertimes it is the thrill of the quest that spurs you on to be all you were meant to be as a person reborn.
  • When you practice reverence for life, you can’t help but notice all the little resurrections going on all around you, the continual process of creation on Earth.
  • Practicing resurrection also means having confidence that God can make something out of your selfishness, anger, greed, hatred, and any of your other shadow qualities.
  • Find a place where you can regularly practice silence; it will rejuvenate your soul.
  • Spiritual teachers can point you on the path of resurrection, showing you texts and mentors to jump-start your journey.
  • Welcome changes — big and small — in your experience and signal your receptivity to transformation and resurrection.
  • Work together with those who are trying to make the world a more just and decent place. This unity practice is a mark of the resurrection.
  • Pay attention to visions and visionaries as likely conduits of resurrection for yourself and your community.
  • Every time you bring to life another’s sense of wonder and affirm that you are all standing on holy ground, you practice resurrection.
  • By respecting the mystery of God, human nature, and the natural world, you bear witness to the ineffable nature of renewal and rebirth.
  • By giving voice to your yearning, and acting upon your desire to feel the closeness of God, you invite resurrection into your life.
  • By accepting your identity as a child of God and your mission as a copartner with the Holy One in the unfolding drama of the universe, you embody the resurrection principle.
  • Practice resurrection with zeal. Be aroused by life and cherish every moment as a gift from the One Who Renews us day by day.

Two More Examples of Resurrection Practice

  • Wendell Berry’s poem Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front: “So, friends, every day do something that won’t compute. Love the Lord. Love the world. . . . Be joyful though you have considered all the facts. . . . Practice resurrection.”
  • The Reverend Johnny Ray Youngblood’s sermon at the Saint Paul Community Baptist Church: “Every time I see a man put down his bottle, there’s a resurrectin goin’ on. Every time I see a man go back to school, there’s a resurrection goin’ on. . . .”

5 Ways to Honor the Earth on Earth Day

Our Earth is a sacred space of ever-renewing life. It provides us with all that we need for an abundant life. As our home and the source of our water, food, and shelter, we must honor the Earth in our daily lives.

On April 22nd we celebrate our world with Earth Day. It’s a day when our countries come together as one to honor our planet, our home. It’s a reminder for all of us that we are all connected and walk the same planet together, so we must preserve, protect and honor our environment in a variety of earth-friendly ways.

Earth Day is a beautiful time for us to become more consciously aware that we are a part of something larger. By reconnecting to our roots using crystals, we can strengthen our relationship with the world, both physically and energetically. Crystals are derived from the Earth and are a physical representation of this magnificent mass we inhabit. By connecting with crystals, we deepen our connection to nature and express our appreciation for all that our planet has to offer.

Here are five simple ways you can honor the Earth on this special day, no matter where you live on this planet:

  1. Get grounded and connect with Mother Earth. Take off your shoes and plant your bare feet on the dirt, grass, sand, or any other surface of the planet you can find. With your feet on the Earth, hold your favorite crystal in your dominant hand and say aloud, “I respect Mother Earth.”
  2. Set an intention for Mother Earth. Pick a crystal that you are ready to release back into the Earth. Go outside into nature and close your eyes. While holding you crystal in your hands, set an intention, prayer, or eco-related vow for the Earth. Then bury your crystal in the ground as a way to give back.
  3. Make a commitment to Mother Earth. Select a crystal that you haven’t worked with before. This crystal represents an actionable commitment to Mother Earth, such as lessening your carbon footprint or any other environmental impact you want to make. Every time you see your crystal, remember your commitment to Earth.
  4. Meditate. Use your favorite crystal sphere (to represent Earth) and say a prayer or set an intention. Repeat this meditation whenever you want to connect with the Earth.
  5. Create a community. Place a crystal cluster or group of crystals in your living room. These crystals symbolize a community that shares your vision and passion for celebrating and respecting Mother Earth. Ask yourself, how can I give back? Connect with those around you to foster a community that is centered around giving back.

Although Earth Day is only just one official day, you can use these five ways to connect with Earth and your crystals any day you want. 


Contemplating the Passion with St. Ignatius

In the Third Week of the Spiritual Exercises, we contemplate the Passion of Jesus. St. Ignatius advises us to pray for the grace of compassion—the ability to suffer with Christ—as we encounter the Crucifixion.

I ask for what I desire. Here is it what is proper for the Passion: sorrow with Christ in sorrow; a broken spirit with Christ so broken; tears; and interior suffering because of the great suffering which Christ endured for me. (SE 203)

As you prepare to enter into contemplation on the Passion, find a quiet place. Sit in a comfortable but alert position—not so comfortable that you will fall asleep. Take some time to silence your mind. As you enter the scene, open your heart, and remember that your encounter is less about you being the doer than the receiver. Let the Holy Spirit be the protagonist, and ask the Spirit to illuminate your heart and mind as you walk to the foot of the Cross upon which Jesus is hanging.

We have come to that “deathbed” moment—and there is no going back. The events have played out as God intended, and you cannot change history. What you can do is be there, be present to Jesus in his suffering.

Notice how none of the disciples are here except John, who is with Jesus’ mother, Mary.

Observe the scene using your five senses. See how dark the sky has become. Hear the sobs of Mary and John and agonized moans of Jesus and the two thieves piercing the silence of the hill. Upon your tongue, taste the dust that has been kicked up by the wind. Also carried on the wind are the nauseating scents of blood, sweat, and vinegar—the smell of death. Feel the dust sticking to your clammy skin in the humid air. It’s so uncomfortable, isn’t it?

Raise your eyes to Jesus. It is so hard to look upon him, so difficult to be with one who is dying. It is even more difficult when it is such a young person, and the death is unjust and the manner of death so torturous.

As you raise your eyes to Jesus, his eyes light up. He smiles. You wonder how he can smile when he’s in so much pain. A tear rolls down his blood-stained cheek, cleaning away the dirt in its path. He looks at you with such love that it breaks your heart. With his head, he motions for you to come closer. You move as close as you can to the wood of the Cross before the soldier extends his lance, barring you from inching any closer.

In a soft voice, Jesus asks you earnestly:

What is it that you are afraid of?
What is it that pains you?
What is it that tortures you?
Tell me.
I am listening.
Bring it to me. Leave it here at the foot of my Cross.
Let it go. I’ve got it.
Be free.

You are speechless.

Mary comes up beside you and places her hand on your shoulder. “Do as he tells you,” she whispers gently in your ear.

Stay with his questions.

Jesus is pouring out his blood for you. It is time for you to pour out your heart to him.

Rebecca Ruiz

Energy Wings – Do YOU Have Etheric Angel Wings!?

Angel Energy Wings? Yep!

Etheric wings are real! No one tells you this… But it’s true. And like me, and so many others on the path of awakening, you might open to the awareness of having Etheric energy wings too!

Maybe this even happened for you already?

It honestly sounds a bit crazy… Humans with angel wings!?

The thing is…

While no one is really talking about this…

More and more people are opening to their etheric energy wings now…

And so today… I’m going to share what I know about them with you.

Do You Have Angel Wings?

Etheric Wings Are Real!

First of all, etheric wings, angelic wings are real. This phenomenon is the result of an energy current opening up within your being. Essentially, there are two streams of energy that flow up, cross, cross again, and then flow out through your shoulder blades on the back like wings… They are wings

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Wings that represent the ability to fly in the higher dimensions of spirit. They are an indication of a level of spiritual advancement, and the ability to anchor the higher divine light of the angelic and celestial realms into the physical.

Your etheric wings opening up is also an indication that you’re ready to embody the next level of your purpose as an earth Angel, as a Starseed, as a lightworker… However, you see it is fine, as a divine being in physical form. Your wings are supportive of your mission to embody and anchor higher divine love.

Wings are also representative of the ability to carry out Divine Will, to receive divine messages and to anchor higher levels of divine love and spiritual light into the physical.

Symptoms of “Growing Your Angel Wings”

As your angel wing energy flow first begins opening up, there are a few symptoms that can sometimes be experienced. You might feel a bit of an ache, pressure or tingling sensation in your upper back area.

If this happens, support yourself by opening your heart and just allowing the light to flow through you. Really, like any other energy blockage or pain that comes up in your system… It’s not really the higher light causing your pain… It’s not really your wings causing pain, but rather, it’s a result of whatever you’re needing to let go of. What blockages is the light releasing? This is what’s causing any pain sensation. So release, and let go to allow higher levels of light and divine love to flow through you and to allow your angelic wings to fully manifest.

What Is the Purpose Of Having Energy Wings?

In addition to being a metaphorical representation of your ability to fly in the higher dimensional realms, energy wings do also have some additional functions in navigating the celestial and angelic realms.

They also offer a sort of energetic protection for you within the physical realm. Quite literally, light wings have your back in this way. They’re like an extension of your aura and can protect against detrimental energies and negativity that may be thrown your way, behind your back, or outside of your awareness.

Wings also filter out and absorb negativity you encounter so that you don’t take it on at the level of your physical body. They are a layer of protection in that way as well.

Once your wings open up, if you ever feel like they’re heavy, or like they’re being weighed down… This is a sign that they have taken on or absorbed some harsh energy in order to protect you.

An easy way to cleanse your wings is to just flex them. Consciously flutter them, and allow them to open up and shake off detrimental energy they’ve taken on… Releasing it into the light.

Flex Your Angel Wings

An additional byproduct of flexing your wings is that this movement can actually cleanse and uplift your aura and your energy!

You can also cleanse your wings and your entire aura by just surrounding yourself with golden divine light.

Check out my article on how to cleanse your aura for more help on that.

So no… If you feel like you have angel wings, you’re not crazy!

Etheric wings are a unique flow of energy through your being that when open, flows out through your shoulder blades like wings and indeed represents further progression on your soul journey in stepping into your highest light and true divine nature as a divine angelic being in physical form.

Stepping into full realization and awareness as an awakened human being, a spirit of love and freedom here to master the physical and spiritual planes to create in alignment with divine love in a way you love and enjoy, that also blesses uplifts and benefits all.

What If Your Wings Haven’t Opened Up Yet?

If you don’t feel like you’ve opened to your etheric wings yet, don’t worry about it. This is something that happens on divine time in a way that’s completely beautiful and normal.

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Being aware of your wings is in no way a requirement to doing your work in the world…

Again, it’s just something I’ve noticed that more and more people are experiencing and asking me about, and so I wanted to share what I know with you about etheric wings.

As a final side note, you may have more than one set of wings!

If we look at the Seraphim angels, the highest of the angelic rank, they have six wings. This represents access to other dimensions. And it represents a higher evolution.

Awareness Is Key!

So the key really is to pay attention. Be aware.

Observe your energy body and your energetic field to notice if you have wings, where they are, how that energy is flowing and how it feels.

One of the most supportive habits you can cultivate on your spiritual journey is to observe and allow.

So if you’re wanting your angelic wings to come in, but you don’t feel you have them yet. It’s not about fantasizing that you have wings or imagining it.

Just continue to work on opening your heart, tuning into light, accessing the central column of light along your core… And as a byproduct of that your wings will naturally open and spread as you are able to more effortlessly travel, fly and journey and explore the higher dimensions.

Angels of course, don’t need wings to fly. The wings are representative of that ability to be a messenger, an agent of divine love.

I hope this was helpful for you.

Are you aware of your angel wings?

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler

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