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Counting the Gifts of Ignatian Spirituality: 10th Anniversary of IgnatianSpirituality.com

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Heart Chakra Opening – How to Activate Your Heart Center FAST

Heart Chakra Opening

Everyone on this planet, even the most open-hearted individuals, have the potential to further awaken the heart chakra to access the innate soul qualities and divine wisdom available to us all.

When the Heart Chakra opens, you’re able to access more of your gifts, spiritual abilities, soul qualities, and embody your highest divine frequency in a grounded and balanced way.

You’re able to live in greater alignment with the passion, purpose, joy, love and fulfillment that are really possible for you.

When you learn to open and balance your heart chakra, you also awaken and balance your multidimensional self.

When your heart is open and you are centered in your heart in a balanced and empowered way, you’re able to flow with love and grace and peace throughout your life, connecting with others in a balanced and joyful way, and living in alignment with the highest possibilities for your life on the path of love.

What does the Heart Chakra do?

Your heart chakra is the center point of the Seven Chakras within your physical body. It is the meeting point between your physical and multidimensional spiritual self. When your Heart Chakra opens, it is like a lotus flower that blossoms and radiates a frequency of love, peace, joy, kindness, and connection.

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An Open Heart Center opens the doorway for authentic connection, allowing you to deepen your connection with others, and to connect with the higher realms of Spirit.  

Balancing the Heart Chakra

Keeping your heart in balance is so powerful for balancing your multidimensional being, but it also empowers you to love and thrive in the present moment.

A balanced heart center empowers you to perfectly balance living in the physical, material world and reaching up to connect with the higher light in Spirit.

Your heart empowers you to live in alignment with your highest truth as a spiritual being grounded in physical form. This is the energetic center that keeps you in alignment with the middle path: Spiritually and physically balanced, not swinging too far into unbalanced materialism or unbalanced spirituality.

When your heart is open and you are centered in your heart in a balanced and empowered way, you’re able to flow with love, grace, and peace throughout your life, connecting with others in a balanced and joyful way, and living in alignment on the path of love.

To open your Heart Chakra, learn this powerful practice I have to share with you, but don’t let its simplicity trick you into feeling that it’s not powerful because it is truly profound.

Open your Heart Chakra Healing Technique

Heart Chakra Opening Made Easy1)    Focus your awareness within

Tune into your breath and bring your awareness into the present moment.  Focusing your awareness within creates the foundation for you to awaken your heart to a new level.

2)    Call upon your Angels and Guides

Your angels and guides are always working behind the scenes to support you and every step of your path. Say this prayer/invocation to connect with them and open up the path for you to go deeper into your inner space:

I ask to be surrounded by divine light and love. And with my team of guides, angels ascended masters of the middle path of the highest did like to surround me, bless my energy and assist me in opening my Heart Chakra in the way that will most serve according to Divine will.”

3)    Bring your awareness to the center of your mind

Feel the love they are sending you now and believe that the highest and best outcome for you is on its way. Where attention goes, energy flows. Direct your attention to the center of your mind, focusing your awareness there.

In your mind, imagine, visualize, experience that you’re taking an elevator from your mind down to your heart. Allow your attention to enter lower, down through your throat, through your thymus, and into your heart.

4)    Feel the Golden Light around your heart

Focusing on the center of your chest, the very center of your being and entering your awareness within. You can look for a spark of golden light, a spark of rose gold light.

Tune into that spark of light and allow it to expand. Allow whatever sensation or tingling or feeling or pressure you find on the area of your heart center. And focus on that all of your attention on it.

5)    Allow your heart to open

Breathe into your heart, allowing your heart to open. And as you exhale, let go, let go on your outbreath and release into the light. Any past pains or traumas or tensions, any feelings of not being enough, any feelings of not being able to connect, let go and focus inward on the light.

Move your awareness within. Continuing to move in the center of the center of the center of your heart center. Feel this perpetual inward spiral and motion as you go deeper into your heart, focusing on that pinprick of light and experience it expanding and growing as you move within it.

Focusing your awareness on this felt sense of energy, allows your heart chakra to open.

It empowers your Heart Chakra to awaken. It empowers your heart center to blossom, to fill with more light, to receive the blessings of light and love of your guides and angels who are all around.

6)    Go deeper within your heart

When your heart opens, it circulates love through your entire being, aligns you in the present with the coherent love, the crystalline love flowing throughout creation. Aligning you here and now with love and with the highest divine possibilities for you.

7)    Experience the Rose Gold Energy of Love

When your heart opens you may experience this as an orb of rose gold. Light shining from within like the light of a thousand suns illuminating your surroundings with love, which opens the door for higher light to fill you, which balances your energy and aligns you in the present moment with the highest possibilities that are in store on the heart-centered path, the middle path of love.

Connecting with Spiritual Beings

Healing and Opening Your Heart Chakra Benefits

Staying centered and open in your heart brings an incredible quality of warmth to your energy. Love and warmth are in vibrational resonance with the Beings of the Middle Path and the Beings of Christed Light. Something magical happens when you continue to be heart-centered, vibrating with warmth and love and joy and bliss.

You attract the most benevolent, most beneficial guides and angels of the Middle Path of the highest Christed Light.

These beings can ultimately serve you on your path and help you grow and blossom to the highest extent, allowing you to embody your highest divine self.

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Allowing you to balance the energy of your multidimensional being through the infinite power of LOVE…

Bringing you into greater alignment with the passion, purpose, joy, love and fulfillment that are really possible for you…

And that are a part of aligning with your highest purpose and living your most vibrant radiant life.

Living with your heart open empowers you in the best possible way, so you can embody more of your Truth and show what is possible in anchoring the highest light of spirit into the material realm through an open heart on this path of love.

Use this Powerful Technique to Open Your Heart Chakra

Recap of How to Open Your Heart Chakra

  • Focus within your mind and then take the elevator from your mind down into your heart
  • From your heart, go into your heart with awareness through your inner state of being through imagination, visualization, through the power of your consciousness.
  • Focus within your heart, getting pulled in, moving deeper and deeper into the center of your heart.
  • Continue to focus within until there reaches a point where your heart unlocks and opens and that inward movement that you continue to focus on is met and matched by your heart center
  • Feel your heart opening up, shining light, shining love, the force of love out beyond you, expanding your heart light around you.
  • Draw your awareness to the Rose Gold Energy of love that balances your energy and aligns you into the present moment.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler


Melanie Beckler

The Edge of Democracy | Film Reviews | Films

All around the winds of change are blowing as far-right politicians, dictators, and authoritarian figures are taking control. Once in power, claiming to be the true voice of the people, they forcefully speak out against their opposition. The victim in all this can sometimes be democracy itself.

Petra Costa, the director of this hard-hitting documentary, covers decades of Brazilian political and social history leading up to the efforts of Jair Bolsonero, a military officer and far-right populist, to dismantle the Worker’s Party led by Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and later Dilma Rousseff who had been brutally tortured by the military dictatorship in the 1970s.

There is a very personal dimension to The Edge of Democracy after director Costa admits that while growing up her parents were militants who eventually fled into exile. That is why she had direct access to the dirty tricks and harsh treatment of Bolsonero and Rousseff who were both charged with scandals tied to construction contracts and campaign financing.

Sound familiar? As we approached the finale of this sad portrait of Brazilian corruption, dirty tricks, scandals, and politicians’ power plays, a question lingered in the back of our minds — where are all the leaders?

Spiritual Binoculars – Ignatian Spirituality

Who would have thought that bird watching would teach me a lesson about my prayer life? But that’s just what happened this spring. I was having a particularly busy spring—spiritual direction ministry, RCIA, retreats, and a conference—all good, but all demanding my time. I was becoming very well-acquainted with the term “meeting myself coming and going.” And worse, my prayer life was virtually non-existent.

Determined to relieve the stress I was feeling, I researched leisure classes at our local university. Maybe because it was spring, or maybe because there would be no tests or homework, I signed up for Bird Watching 101—four weeks of early morning guided walks with an expert, listening for and identifying the various birds in our area park. I would have quiet time immersed in God’s creation—the perfect antidote for my stress.

I learned the key elements of bird watching: listening, exercising patience, and focusing my vision through the appropriate pair of binoculars.

An important aspect of finding birds is listening. Many times a bird can’t be seen but can be heard. There must be silence on the birder’s part to determine just where a bird is. A good birder listens first to locate a bird and then follows the sound to get a visual of the bird. I had a great deal of success finding birds when I learned to settle down and listen.

Another requirement for bird watching is exercising patience. I quickly learned that some birds do not cooperate by singing and being still. Birds have wings, and they are not afraid to use them! Some days it seemed as though all the patience in the world was of no avail against the stubbornness of the birds. Still, I learned to stay vigilant, and was usually rewarded with seeing a bird or two.

Finally, I learned that it’s important to have the right focus when using binoculars. Not enough magnification, and small birds in distant trees will not be seen. Too strong a lens, and birds will be a blur. The clearest vision comes with just the right focus of the binoculars.

And so, on the last day of class, armed with my trusty binoculars and having said a prayer that God would show me something, I set out on my urban expedition. As I listened with great patience, God gave me a revelation: my spiritual life is like bird watching! In order to find God in my life, I must listen. I must be patient. And I must focus on God with the right spiritual binoculars. If I am too busy or preoccupied, I won’t be still enough to hear God’s voice in my life. If my prayer is a hurried jumble of thoughts or readings, I am putting God on my timeframe and not exercising patience. Living scattered among too many activities does not allow me to focus on God completely. I came to realize I needed to apply my birding techniques of listening, patience, and focus to my prayer life. God was calling me to look through a pair of spiritual binoculars—a pair that would give me just the right focus on God. That realization gave me the inspiration I needed to renew my stale prayer life.

I didn’t see any birds that final day of class, but what I did see was that God was calling me to listen, to be patient, and to use my spiritual binoculars to deepen our relationship in prayer. And now, each time I see a bird, I am reminded of God’s invitation to draw closer.

Photo by Kayla Farmer on Unsplash.

Melinda LeBlanc

Seeing Your Birthday Numbers? Here’s What It Means!

Angel Numbers: Why You’re Seeing Your Birthday Numbers Everywhere!

Anytime you keep seeing your birthday numbers, or a certain sequence of numbers like 123, 333, 444, 777, 111 there is a deeper significance! Seeing these recurring number sequences is a sign that you have guides and angels with you. With awareness, the deeper spiritual meaning and message behind the numbers can guide you to connect with your higher spiritual truth.

Angels will often use number sequences to deliver a message because numbers are the mathematical language of the universe and carry a deep level of meaning. Higher spiritual beings are able to use numbers to get through to you, to bypass the filters of the ego mind in order to catch your attention.

So the next time you see a number sequence that feels significant for you, like 11:11 or the digits of your birthday, take it a step better than simply thinking: “oh, that’s a cool coincidence!” and rather tune inwards to recognize that it’s a sign that you have guides and angels with you, and that they’re using the number to convey a message.

What Does Seeing Your Birthday Numbers Indicate?

So what does seeing your birthday month and day, or the year you were born signify?

Your birthday is the timestamp of the moment you incarnated as an individual human being outside of your mother’s womb. Contained within your birthday numerology is an incredible amount of insight into who you are, who you have been and all that is possible for you. In this sense, your birthdate is the numerology code of who you are.

So when you keep seeing your birthday numbers, your guides and angels are directing your awareness towards you! At the most basic level, when you see your birthdate number sequence, the underlying message, significance and meaning from the angels is that you are valued.

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You are Valued

You are valued! How does that make you feel? Your angels want to remind you that your unique divine light expression and individuality matters. The exact moment of when you were born is no accident. It is by divine design. It is a part of the unique code of who you are.

And when you look deeper into the numbers of your birthday, there is an incredible amount of information about your personality, your soul destiny, your dreams, even challenges, struggles, and obstacles you may encounter on your path.

Seeing Birthday Numbers and Numerology

There’s an incredible amount of information about you stored in the numbers of your birthday. When you see these numbers, your angels are drawing your attention to your unique strengths and qualities.

Are you comparing yourself to someone else? Have you been focusing on trying to be like someone else, or trying to model the path of another? Stop right there, and remember your uniqueness!

You are Beautifully Unique

Seeing birthday numbers on your screen, on an address, or on a clock, maybe your angels telling you:

 “Hey! You are a unique spiritual being living a human experience. You are here for a unique purpose and a unique mission. Your purpose here is to shine divine light through you in a way that’s unlike anyone else. So don’t try to follow in the footsteps of another. Don’t try to dim or change your light to be like someone else. Rather reconnect through clearing your mind and opening your heart and tuning in to your intuition, to who you really are.”

When you see your birthday numbers, your angels are telling you to peel back the layers of conditioning, the masks you’ve worn to try to fit in, and connect to the core truth of you and why you’re really here.

Seeing your birthday numbers also reminds you that you have a unique purpose and mission and that it’s time to reconnect with that, to realign with the authenticity and truth of who you really are and let that be expressed through you.

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Embodying Your Core Truth Is Your Purpose

Connect to your core truth and ask yourself:

How can I be of service in the world in a way that I love and enjoy, that also benefits others?”

This is a question you could journal about to get clearer about your life purpose, and about why you’re really here. Be patient with the process and remember that ultimately your life purpose unfolds over a lifetime.

Often times, you will find an underlying tone or theme that is represented through your life and the many facets of your purpose by going within, meditating and tuning into what you love and enjoy, what you’re drawn to, and what lights you up and excites you.

Seeing the numbers of your birthday is a reminder to return to the core truth of you, to live your bliss, to live your divine individuality, and to remember that you are worthy of being here.

You Are Enough

You are worthy and you are enough. Gently let go of the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that breed fear, insecurities, and doubt. Quiet that voice that says you are not enough, so you can call back your power and remember that who you are at your core is exactly who you are meant to be. Who you are is needed in the world.

So shine your light, reconnect with your truth, and take steps to anchor your intuition and inspiration into the world through inspired action because this is how you accomplish your purpose.

This is how you embody more of the truth of the divine being you authentically are, which is what you’re being called to do when you keep seeing the numbers of your birthday.

Uncover Your Core Truth With Numerology

You can gain incredible insights towards what your birthday means through a numerology reading and understanding your personal birthday numerology!

Get A Free Personal Numerology Reading!

Click here for a Free Numerology Reading!

In your personal numerology reading, you’ll reconnect with:

  • The core traits and strengths and attributes of your individuality
  • Your deep soul desires and how you can achieve them
  • Key insights into your personality traits and character
  • The types of environments you flourish in
  • Your secret talents and hidden strengths
  • Challenges you must face and overcome in your life
  • Where your energy is drained
  • Insight into your ideal profession
  • Understanding about your life purpose and soul mission.
  • Gain clarity over how you are called to be of service in a way you love and enjoy
  • Realign with living your most vibrant life

Embody The Divine Truth of You

Seeing your birthday numbers is a sign for you to truly embody the divine truth of who you are. Unapologetically shine your light and live your truth. Because that is exactly what the world needs… For you to come alive and shine your light. Because when we all do that as individuals, when we all connect with the truth of our inner divine beingness and shine our individual light of love, the vibration of the world’s raises as a result.

So shine your light, live your truth, and know that living the truth of you is the most beautiful thing you can do. It is the highest purpose for your life, embodying the fullness of your light and letting it shine through, anchoring through your actions in the moment here and now.

Get your Free Numerology Reading Now!

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler


Melanie Beckler

Anniversary of Sally Ride’s Becoming the First American Woman in Space | Features

Starting with people like Merit-Ptah (c. 2700 BCE), a chief physician in ancient Egypt, and Greek astronomer Aglaonice (2nd or 1st century BC), women scientists have been making their mark for millennia. They’ve made significant contributions as chemists, doctors, educators, entomologists, horticulturalists, marine biologists, paleontologists, physicists, marine biologists, naturalists, science writers, zoologists, and more.

Not the least of these accomplishments have been in space. Cosmonaut Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova flew a solo mission on the Vostok 6 on June 16, 1963. Another cosmonaut, Svetlana Yevgenyevna Savitskaya, flew in space twice — in 1982 and 1984 — and was the first women to perform a spacewalk.

The first American woman in space, Sally Ride, went on two space shuttle missions: STS-7 (June 18, 1983) and STS-41-G (October 5, 1984), breaking through a quarter-century of white male astronauts with the help of her PhD in physics. After her second flight, she served on panels that investigated the 1986 Challenger explosion and the 2003 Columbia disintegration, tragedies that killed all crew members aboard.

When Ride retired from NASA in 1987, she became a science fellow at the Center for International Security and Arms Control at Stanford University. In 1989, she joined the faculty at the University of California, San Diego as a professor of physics and director of the California Space Institute. She and her life partner Tam O’Shaughnessy co-wrote seven science books for children. Together they founded the nonprofit Sally Ride Science at UC San Diego to promote science education and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) careers, especially for girls.

Ride served on multiple boards, including the President’s Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology, the National Research Council’s Space Studies Board, the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, the Carnegie Institution of Washington, and the NCAA Foundation. She received many honors. Her honors included induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame, two NASA Space Flight Medals, the National Space grant Distinguished Service Award, and a posthumous award of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013. In 2014 the U.S. Navy christened a research vessel Sally Ride in her honor, and in 2018 the U.S. Postal Service issued a Sally Ride Forever stamp.

To Name This Day . . .


Consider how you might use the ideas in one of Sally Ride’s quotes below to inspire a young person — or yourself!

“I never went into physics or the astronaut corps to become a role model. But after my first flight, it became clear to me that I was one.”
— In Harvard Business Review (September 2012)

“The view of Earth is spectacular. The shuttle is pretty close to Earth. It only flies between 200 and 350 miles above Earth. It’s really pretty close. So we don’t see the whole planet, like the astronauts who went to the moon did. We can see much more detail. We can see cities during the day and at night, and we can watch rivers dump sediment into the ocean, and see hurricanes form. It’s just a lot of fun and very interesting to look out the window.”
— in an interview at Scholastic’s website (November 20, 1998)

“There might be very primitive life in our solar system — single-cell animals, that sort of thing. We may know the answer to that in five or ten years. There is very likely to be life in other solar systems, in planets around other stars. But we won’t know about that for a long time.”
— in an interview at Scholastic’s website (November 20, 1998)

“We need to make science cool again.”
— from “The Commencement Address Sally Ride Never Gave” by Lynn Sherr in Huffingtonpost (May 21, 2014)

Spiritual Practice

In her 1998 interview with Scholastic, Sally Ride remarked that “It takes a few years to prepare for a space mission. It takes a couple of years just to get the background and knowledge that you need before you can go into detailed training for your mission. So most astronauts are astronauts for a couple of years before they are assigned to a flight. Once you are assigned to a flight, the whole crew is assigned at the same time, and then that crew trains together for a whole year to prepare for that flight.”

Consider the patience, keen attention, and perseverance that goes into fulfilling a dream on this scale. Find a way to reaffirm your commitment to those qualities for a project close to your own heart. You might write about this intention in your journal or make a vow in the presence of a friend or colleague.


You can learn more about Sally Ride by watching this three-minute bio:

Father’s Day | Features | Spirituality & Practice

Christopher P. Anderson in Father: the Figure and the Force has written: “The father-child bond has always been shrouded in mystery, obscured by the Norman Rockwell image of the benign patriarch at the head of the dinner table. We must undertake to solve the Rubrik’s Cube that is every person’s relationship with his or her father. That is the magic: not that we can ever make that Norman Rockwell painting come to life, but that in finally coming to terms with our real feelings for our fathers, we can truly make this generation — and maybe even the next — a generation of genuinely liberated men and women.”


In honor of Father’s Day, we have selected some films available on DVD that help us come to terms with our feelings for our fathers. Call this a festival on the father-child bond. The films are arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Bee Season is an engrossing family drama about the destructiveness of a father’s spiritual pride and the healing that results when he discovers the power of selfless love.
  • Big Fish is a heartfelt drama with zany and oftentimes outrageous sequences that revolve around a son who wants to know the real facts about his father’s life after hearing an unending tide of phantasmagorical tales about his experiences.
  • Boyz N the Hood is a riveting tale about an African-American father in a violent South Central Los Angeles neighborhood who teaches his son about respect, responsibility, sex, and how to restrain himself during violent encounters.
  • Dad explores the changes in the relationship between a high-powered investment banker and his elderly father; it reveals the struggles some men have in expressing emotion and intimacy.
  • Daddy Nostalgia is a French film that circles around the soft edges of a father-daughter reunion after years apart.
  • Dan In Real Life is a smart and sassy film about a man who is surprised by love and then is able to open up to his children in new ways.
  • Evelyn is a beautiful tribute to fatherhood; set in Ireland in 1953, it is about a man who wants nothing more than to be present in his children’s lives.
  • Grace Is Gone is a tender and touching movie about a father who learns how to nurture his daughters while in the midst of grief.
  • He Got Game focuses on the fate of a razzle-dazzle African-American high-school basketball star and his reconciliation with his estranged father who taught him everything he knows about the game.
  • Nothing in Common centers on the struggles of a father and son to develop a meaningful relationship after years of indifference toward each other.
  • Martian Child is a comedy masterwork that touches the heart with its portrait of the survival tactics of an abandoned orphan and the loving ministrations of a widowed science fiction writer who adopts him.
  • The Pursuit of Happyness centers around a hard-pressed African-American single parent and his five-year old son as they struggle to survive and fulfill the American dream in San Francisco in 1981.
  • The Snapper is an Irish family drama that contains an unforgettable portrait of a loving dad who is his daughter’s knight in shining armor.
  • Sunflower is a Chinese film that offers a compelling examination of a rocky and turbulent father-son relationship covering three decades.
  • The War is an engaging and inspiring drama about the efforts of a father to teach his children the ideals he believes give life meaning and purpose.

How to Use a Crystal Pendulum

Crystal pendulums are an amazing tool to help you get connected with yourself. They are often used as divination tools or a way that you can get a yes or no answer easily.

I like to use pendulums to help me tap into myself. They give me a directive to see what’s going on on the inside. Where do I need to unwind? Am I going one way? Am I going another? Is it chaotic? Its movement is an extension of my own energy, giving me a visual of how I’m showing up in that moment.

Using Your Crystal Pendulum to Take Inventory of Your Energy

Spending time with your pendulum can act as a quick meditation, helping you to get into alignment and center your energy.

  1. Hold your pendulum in your hands, and take a look how it’s turning. Is it spinning out of control? Is it still? Is it shaking? This is a visual of your energy in this current moment. Now it’s time to shift that.
  2. Take a few minutes to gently center yourself. Gently your eyes. Connect with a higher source. Ground into Mother Earth. Take deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  3. Ask yourself, how can I stop spinning in all these different directions? What can I do to show up differently? Notice how as you begin to calm your mind and find your center, so does your pendulum.
  4. When you feel your pendulum begin to grow still, open your eyes.

Using Your Crystal Pendulum to Answer Questions

Your crystal pendulum can also be used to help you answer questions that come to mind. Remember, you already know the answers intuitively, your pendulum is just giving you a visual to affirm it.

  1. When you first receive your pendulum before you use it, sage your pendulum until it becomes still.
  2. Hold it in your hands and set an intention.
  3. Ask your pendulum to show you what a yes is. Sometimes it will go back and forth, or in a circle. Everyone’s will be different.
  4. Now, ask your pendulum to give you a no. It should be different than your yes.
  5. With the movement for your two answers established, ask your pendulum yes or no question, and see what the answer is.

Always remember that your pendulum is a tool. It’s an extension of what’s going on inside you, but you may not be aware of it. It helps your external get in touch with your internal.

Heather Askinosie

Use Healing Yoga Crystals to Enhance Your Daily Yoga Practice

Continue reading “Use Healing Yoga Crystals to Enhance Your Daily Yoga Practice”