Crystal Water Bottles –Powerful Energy Healing Tool Or A Dangerous Fad?

Crystal water bottles have been trending for a while, and so I’m sure by now you’ve either seen, tried, heard of them, or come across one at some point.

But what’s the truth about them?

Is a Crystal Water Bottle really worth all the hype? Are they actual helpful healing tools you’d want to leverage on your spiritual journey?

Or are some of these bottles actually dangerous to drink out of?

Jumping to the chase here because I don’t want you to miss thisYes!!! Some of the crystal water bottles currently on the market today are actually dangerous to drink out of which I know sounds crazy, but I’ll tell you exactly why here soon.

On that note, most of the crystal water bottles on the market do carry powerful healing energy

So, let’s dive in!

Origins of Crystal Charged Water

The idea of crystal healing is nothing new and can actually be traced all the way back to the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia.

There are strong references to crystal healing tied to ancient Greece… And the word “crystal” literally comes from the Greek word krustallos meaning ice, as crystals were seen as a sort of frozen Divine energy.

There is also an incredibly vast history of crystals being used in ancient Chinese Medicine, and really when you look for their presence throughout history it becomes clear to see that crystals have been used in some way or another in just about every religion, culture, and spiritual tradition across the planet throughout time.

Whether for their spiritual properties, physical healing abilities, to support those in power, or for their profound properties to expand and transform consciousness, crystals have historically been and continue to be today, powerful allies on a healing journey or spiritual path.

Working With Healing Crystals

While the exact methods for using healing crystals are varied, and there are several categories of use, one of these categories a perfect fit for the use of crystal water bottles and that is the realm of crystal elixirs.

Crystal Elixirs – An Important Warning

What You Need to Know About Crystal Elixirs

A crystal elixir technically refers to any way in which a crystal is ingested in order to tune into its healing properties.

This could refer to literally sucking on a tumbled stone like a hard candy, soaking a crystal in water to make an elixir, or even grounding up a stone and taking it internally.

This can be very dangerous territory depending on the chemical composition of the individual stone you’re working with, yes including the simple method of soaking a stone in water!

It’s important to know that many stones have toxic properties whose chemical composition include heavy metals like copper, aluminum, lead, or even arsenic that you certainly don’t want to go out of your way to put in your drink!

There are stories of Daoist Stone Medicine healers testing elixir applications of stones, and literally turning their skin blue or flat out poisoning themselves due ingesting heavy metals from their crystal elixirs.

So this is the first and most important thing to note when it comes to crystal water bottles.

Not all of the bottles being sold on the market are safe to drink out of!

I know… It’s crazy…But sadly true.

When I was researching the different styles of bottles on the market, both to acquire some for myself, and also to share…

I was shocked to learn that several bottles being sold online featured stones designed to soak directly in the water of the bottle!

This is not in and of itself a problem, and there are a small handful of stones that can be safely and effectively used with this method.

The problem is  that I found several bottles for sale that utilize the direct contact method with stones like Labradorite (whose chemical composition includes Aluminum), Lapis Lazuli (which contains Sulphur and possibly toxic Pyrite inclusions), Tourmaline (contains Aluminum) or Fluorite (contains the chemical Fluoride, which yep is toxic despite being added to public water supplies which is a whole other story).

If you’re not wanting to risk ingesting toxins and heavy metals from the crystals you add to your water, bottles with the above referenced stones (and more!!!!) should be avoided.

**If you do happen to already have a bottle with one of these mentioned stones, please stop drinking out of it, or at least do your research so you know the risk you’re taking and the heavy metals you may be inadvertently ingesting.

If you’re new to working with crystals and understanding their chemical composition, or you want to experiment with crystal elixirs based on a variety of stones, know that there is an indirect method of creating crystal water which is just as powerful as the direct method of submerging a stone in water…

More on that soon.

For now… I do need to clarify.

There is a company today who sells Crystal Water Bottles using the “direct method” of making a crystal elixir that is completely safe for use.

Glacce Crystal Water BottleGlacce Crystal Water Bottles

Glacce has a line of bottles which feature beautiful amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, clear quartz and obsidian points that are designed to be submerged inside of your water bottle with direct contact between the water and stone.

Glacce originated and patented this design that now has several knockoffs including the dangerous variety I found on Amazon.

I actually had the opportunity to get on a call with Julia, one of the co-founders of Glacce who assured me that Glacce sustainably and ethically sources all of their stones with respect for the Earth as well as the actual crystals. I really appreciate this, and the fact that they use all recyclable and eco-friendly packing materials.

They also go out of their way to make sure their stones are not heat-treated or dyed and they make it a point to only sell bottles with stones that are safe for creating direct contact crystal elixirs, meaning they choose stones that will not leach detrimental metals or dissolve into the water (the same cannot be said for the knockoff bottles).

When you use stones like clear quartz or amethyst directly in water, instead of creating a dangerous chemical concoction… You vibrationally charge your water with the crystals positive and beneficial energy to support you in your life, and create a crystal elixir.

Glacce sent me one of their Amethyst bottles to try, and I can honestly tell you that I love it.

There is something that is just so magical about having a real crystal point inside of your water bottle releasing its energetic code into the water.

The amethyst point I received with my bottle, while certainly a cut stone and not a naturally occurring point, is both beautiful and incredibly powerful!

I love drinking out of my Glacce bottle… But honestly, I also love just looking at it while its sitting on my desk. 🙂

Glacce does also includes a neoprene water-bottle sleeve with your bottle in case you want to be more discreet about the crystal charged water you’re drinking, or to help regulate the temperature.

Learn more about Glacce bottles here.

Indirect Method of Making A Crystal Elixir and Charging Your Water

Now.. Its important to know that the direct method of soaking a stone in your water is not the only method for making a crystal elixir.

Another effective method that can be used to create crystal elixirs with stones like moonstone, emerald, or labradorite is to keep the stone separated from the water you will drink, by keeping it inside a quartz test-tube or other glass container that you then place in your water bottle so there is no direct contact.

There are several styles of crystal water bottles on the market that leverage this method of creating crystal charged water.

This keeps you safe from heavy metal poisoning, while tapping into the vibrational properties of some incredible crystals while also protecting softer stones that may be damaged when exposed to water.

The good news is, if you have any doubt as to whether a stone is safe for internal ingestion with the direct contact method…

Or you’re just not sure about the specific chemical composition of a stone you’d like to make an elixir with (stones like Shungite are largely labeled as being one stone, when in reality there are many types of Shungite that vary a great deal in chemical composition) know that …

The benefits from crystal elixirs are mostly vibrational!

This means that you don’t have to actually place a crystal IN your drinking water in order to transfer the crystalline code and energy of that stone to your water.

In a post I wrote years ago about crystal charged water, I taught that you can place crystals around your water in order to charge it.

This still works! However, a natural improvement upon this technique and method, is to use a crystal water bottle.

There are a couple of styles of water bottles that do not directly expose the crystals to your drinking water and yet still create powerful crystal elixirs… I got my hands on both.

VitaJuewl Crystal Water BottleVitaJuewl Gemwater Bottle

VitaJuwel sent me their ViaLuna Bottle to check out which is filled with absolutely beautiful Rainbow Moonstone and Clear Quartz tumbled crystals.

Moonstone is a stone that should not be soaked directly in your drinking water, and yet has incredible properties like boosting intuition and helping you to get in sync with the Divine Feminine and with the natural rhythms of life.

The way VitaJuwel’s Gem Bottles work is unique in that they have a special base that contains a dome of lead-free glass encased crystals that they call their “Gem Pods”.

VitaJuewl bottles are patented and assembled by hand in the German Alps. The glass “Gem Pod” of crystals is then surrounded by the water in your bottle so the crystals can release their energetic code into the water without any of the stones actually making direct contact with the water you’ll drink.

Its vibrational in how it works and honestly really cool.

Of all the bottles I received, the VitaJuwel one definitely feels the sturdiest. The only draw back in my opinion is that you’re not able to swap out the crystals in VitaJuwel’s bottles (unless you purchase new bases to swap which you absolutely can do and they have lots to choose from)…

Nor can you take the stones out of their glass dome to cleanse or charge their energy. The good news here is that I tested this, and found that the stones can be energetically cleansed and charged within their glass encasement using crystal cleansing methods like intention, projecting white or golden light, or even using sage smudge frankincense essential oil spray, or sunlight.

Another thing I did really like about the VitaJuewl bottle is that of the 3 crystal water bottles I’ve tested, the VitaJuewl bottle holds the largest capacity of water. This is a huge plus for me because I tend to drink a lot of water… And since it takes a bit of time to make a crystal elixir its nice to be able to make a bit more.

(Glacce and VitaJuewl both say 7-10 minutes to make a crystal elixir in their bottles- but I prefer to let the crystals charge the water up overnight when possible).

Another thing I REALLY appreciate about the VitaJuewl bottles is that they’re made in Germany as opposed to China like the Glacce bottle, so there’s a bit more trust there. I learned this from the brochure that came with my bottle, which also gave a lovely history about crystal elixirs and shared some of the research VitaJuewl has done to scientifically document the effect of crystal charged water. Really cool stuff!

Learn more about VitaJuwel here.

Rose Quartz Crystal Water BottleNova Gem Water Bottle

The third crystal water bottle I tested I ordered from Amazon. It’s the Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir Infused Gem Water Bottle from Nova.

This bottle is designed to hold stones in a lower glass compartment that sits below the water in your bottle without touching it.

One of the things I really like about this bottle is that you can swap the crystals out with stones of your own.

From the start, I replaced some of the included tumbled rose quartz stones with my own raw moonstone, kunzite and sunstone. I appreciate that I was able to do this… However, doing so does cause the bottle to have a bit of a rattle when I drink out of it. 😆

I also prefer how in the Glacce and VitaJuwel bottles the water is able to flow around the stones, and not just sit on top of them which I feel leads to a more complete transfer of the crystalline energy.

The Nova Bottle is however significantly less expensive than the VitaJuwel and Glacce bottles so that may be something to consider. In many senses, you do get what you pay for… The Nova Bottle has the smallest water capacity and is definitely the lowest quality feeling, but its still a good option for an entry level crystal water bottle, especially if you’re looking for something you can fill with some of your own stones.

Learn more about the Nova Crystal Water Bottle here.

There are several other makers of this exact same style bottle. I imagine they’re all coming from the same factory in China. I went with the highest reviewed bottle…

The others are from Ultaura, Stone Valley, Elixir2Go, and LovingLife.

All in all, I am absolutely delighted with all 3 of the bottles I’ve gotten to try.

If I had to choose only one it would be a close call between the VitaJuwel and Glacce bottles.

The VitaJuewl definitely feels to be the highest quality bottle … But there is something magical about seeing a full on crystal point in my Glacce bottle, which is of significantly higher quality than the Nova bottle from Amazon.

Really, if you’re considering purchasing a crystal water bottle, I’d recommend tuning into the vibrational qualities of the crystals you’d like to learn from and start there!

If you want to learn from a stone like moonstone, lapis lazuli, jade, or carnelian… Check out the crystal blends from VitaJuwel.

Alternately, if you’re drawn to the idea of having a crystal point directly in your water… Glacce is a great option!


With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler




P.S. I was not compensated to write this post… VitaJuwel and Glacce did send me bottles to try out… But the opinions shared in this post are entirely my own.

Melanie Beckler

Luce | Film Reviews | Films

The election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States pushed some to naively declare that the country was entering a “post-racial” era. But racism and the continuing legacies of colonialism and white supremacy have roots too deep, too systematic, and too systemic to be erased with one election and presidential tenure, and the country has now witnessed the fear and hate that can rise to the surface when the historically common order of things is upset. Obama’s election offered a glimmer of hope, but hope, without continued collective work, does not dismantle an entire system. In a still unjust, still racist reality, where young black people are often only allowed one of two opposing paths, to be celebrated as model heroes or managed as potential menaces, growing up black is, at best, exhausting, and, at worst, treacherous.

Julius Onah’s Luce, based on J.C. Lee’s 2013 play, interrogates this conundrum in devastating detail, succeeding as both a searing indictment of race, identity, and class assumptions in the United States, as well as a truly thrilling piece of incendiary art. Filled with top-notch performances, most notably from Kelvin Harrison, Jr. as the titular hero (or antihero, as the plot unravels), Luce presents a complicated argument in dauntingly nuanced style, leaving questions in its wake that should preoccupy anyone who cares about how society nurtures its youth, particularly those caught in the blindspots of a country that seems to only want some black lives to truly matter.

Luce Edgar is a star. Adopted at age seven by his self-consciously woke white parents (Naomi Watts and Tim Roth), and pulled out of a life as a child soldier in war-riddled Eritrea, Luce has been raised from problem child to model teenager. He regularly flashes a winning smile as he racks up sports wins, public speaking accolades, and the admiration of everyone in his Virginia high school orbit. Teachers joke about cloning him, his parents celebrate his hardwon successes in therapy, and they all participate in forcefully molding him into a fresh-faced symbol of strong-willed perseverance and articulate self-possession.

With all Luce has going for him, and with all the well-mannered promise he displays, the presence of stern black teacher Harriet Wilson (Octavia Spencer) serves as a constant buzzkill. She refuses to be charmed by his usual smoothness, instead pushing Luce further, demanding he be something even more promising than he is, even as Luce remains unable to pinpoint her motivation. There is also growing suspicion in the student body. Luce is called “Obama” at one point and “Mandela” at another, revealing that his fellow classmates might have some latent resentment brewing beneath their admiration. Has Luce been propped up, at the expense of others, and if so, why does he get all the support, while others are allowed and even encouraged to flounder?

Trouble begins when Ms. Wilson objects to Luce’s essay written in the violent voice of controversial Marxist revolutionary Frantz Fanon, and then finds a bag of illegal fireworks in his locker, prompting a string of unanswered questions and growing tensions that threaten to mar the perfect life that Luce’s parents have built for him. And an onslaught of skewed truths begin to build. Luce attempts to hold together the image he’s created, Ms. Wilson demands deeper exploration of his inner workings, and his parents struggle to maintain their fragile vision. As more disturbing complications pile on, including a murky suggestion of sexual violence from an ex-girlfriend (Andrea Bang), the simple answers and naive hopes on which each character has built their worldviews begin to crumble.

Luce is a deft, dense conversation starter and its powerful plotting has the potential to force viewers to excavate disturbing depths within their own assumptions, prejudices, and self-preserving fantasies. It is an essential addition to the growing number of films that seek to question not only the United States’ relationship with racism, but how foolishly that relationship has often been reflected in sugar-coated films that fail to ask real, probing questions about the spiritual rot at the center of our racial divisions. The future of a country is at stake, a country that continues to hide behind half-measures and empty platitudes, and Luce holds up a shattered mirror whose shards beg to be addressed with more than pat, post-racial happy endings.

The Crystals You Need for the Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox (September 23rd) marks the first official day of fall. As we move into a season of cooler temperatures, dry weather, and darker days, it’s important to prepare your energy for those changes. The Fall Equinox is the perfect time to celebrate this major shift and align yourself with Mother Nature. To prepare yourself for this energetic shift, join us in this simple crystal practice to work with the seasons, rather than against them. It can be easy to succumb to the slower, heavier energy of Autumn and cease to take action in the different areas of your life. Instead, use this crystal practice to stay motivated and committed to your action plan throughout the rest of the season!

This practice takes just 11 minutes and will have a huge impact on how you feel throughout the reason of the season!

Fall Equinox Practice with Crystals

What You’ll Need: 

Practice Steps: 

First, setup your space:

  1. Gather your crystals and head outside to a quiet place where you can sit comfortably.
  2. Hold your crystals in your hands, close your eyes and say aloud, I program these crystals to connect with Mother Nature to align my energy with the changing of the seasons.
  3. Create a circle with your crystals that is large enough for you to sit in. Create a pattern by alternating between Desert Jasper and Smoky Quartz. Feel free to add elements from Mother Nature, like leaves that have begun to change color. Once you’ve completed your circle, sit in the center.fallequinoxcrystalpractice

Then, begin your practice:

  1. Once you are within your crystal circle, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Feel grounded and connected to the Earth and Mother Nature. Let the Desert Jasper stones root you in the Earth and bring your attention to any projects, tasks or goals you have been ignoring. Let the Smoky Quartz stones help you release anything that no longer serves you as you move into the new season. Watch as old patterns and beliefs fall away into the Earth.
  2. Then, set an intention for the season. Sit in your circle for 11 minutes to embrace and celebrate the arrival of Autumn. As you inhale, feel a warm, orange glow surround you. As you exhale, visualize anything that no longer serves you leaving the circle of warmth.
  3. When you are finished, open your eyes and gather your crystals. Place them inside your home on a windowsill as a reminder to stay motivated and action-oriented through the Fall.

Although the Fall Equinox only happens once a year, you can repeat this practice whenever you want to feel motivated and release stuck energy throughout the season.

Crystal Muse

Retreat and Healing Forgiveness – Ignatian Spirituality

Each summer I embark on an eight-day silent retreat at a retreat center. It is one of my favorite parts of the year, as it is a chance to reconnect more deeply with God in a slower, more intensive way. This year, I came to retreat in the midst of a powerful conflict with a family member, and the situation was very much on my mind. When going on a retreat, it is good to have in mind a stated desire that we can bring to God and a retreat director. My desire was for healing, rest, and feeling close to Jesus. I offer my own case as an example of how God both wants to address our desires and lovingly and kindly works with us to transform those desires so that we can grow in love for God and love for one another.

In the case of my conflict, I felt wronged by another person’s actions and was exhausted from a good deal of emotional drama and argument surrounding the situation. As I rested and prayed on retreat, I slowly felt that I was being restored to myself. The hurt began to fade and to be replaced with a sense of delight in Jesus’ love and care for me, and my own love for Jesus. However, part of allowing God to heal me required paying attention to what helped me to heal and what didn’t. Thinking over and over again about the hurtful actions did not help, whereas paying attention to the beauty of the world around me did. Trying to figure out the exact way this situation could be resolved drew me into desolation, whereas focusing on Jesus’ love and my love for Jesus was healing and led me to consolation.

There is a song we sang at retreat based on the Suscipe prayer: “These Alone Are Enough,” by Dan Schutte. One of the lines asks God to take away “my plans and schemes” and to instead trust that God’s love and grace are enough for me. This song nicely sums up the overall movement of my retreat. Although my inclination at the start of my time of prayer was to lay out possible scenarios for God to choose from, God had other plans. I thought that I was being so generous by offering God my two possible “plans and schemes,” but instead God steadfastly drew me away from these desolating thoughts and into God’s own love. As my feelings of love for God filled and often overwhelmed me, through grace I was gradually led to a desire that I had not come to the retreat with at all: to extend mercy to my family member and to forgive. This was not a matter of doing “the right thing” as an act of will. Instead, God’s love buoyed me up, and I felt a growing sense that God’s love resided within me and that God loves this other person too and wants me to share in that love. To my surprise, I felt a kind of ease and freedom at moving into mercy.

A couple of days later, I watched a seal lying out on the rocks in the ocean. He was trying to stay on the rock and not let the water carry him away. Finally, though, a wave from the ocean overcame him, and he was gently carried up by the water and fell into the sea. I thought how much this seal was like my own initial resistance to forgiveness. I wanted to stay on my little rock of “plans and schemes,” but the ocean of God’s love so filled my world and even my small self, that it gently carried me away from my own desires and into God’s grace.

After my return, I felt able to express love and forgiveness to my family member and to embark on a journey of repair. Of course, the day-to-day reality has been more complicated than in retreat. While I am trying to keep my eyes on Christ and let God lead me step by step, I still falter. I am not perfect. Sometimes I fall back into my own sense of hurt or anger and a tendency to want to control instead of trusting God to lead the way. But the deep sense of love I experienced on retreat is still there at my core and is one that I am trying to return to and savor. Resting in Jesus’ love for me reminds me that while human relationships do not always have quick and easy answers, God’s love grounds and steadies me, no matter what lies ahead. When my relationship with Jesus is front and center, then I am more able to extend love and mercy to others—and yes, even to myself, for where I have sometimes fallen short in this relationship. When I keep my eyes on Christ, I can also better sense the longer and more patient timeline that God always has for healing and resurrection.

Photo by Ramon Vloon on Unsplash.

Marina McCoy

727 Angel Number – 4 Incredible Reasons You Are Seeing 727

Have you been seeing the angel number 727? Find out what this number means, why it’s considered an angel number and why you keep seeing it now!

Before we dive into what 727 means, there’s a core understanding needed to decipher angel numbers first, and that is that numbers are the mathematical language of the Universe.

Numbers create order, patterns, and meaning in the material world.

People of all languages, beliefs, and backgrounds understand the value of numbers on some level. So numbers serve as a sort of universal language.

In addition, every number carries a unique vibrational signature. By deciphering the meaning of that vibrational energy, layers of deeper meaning and significance behind every single number can be revealed. This is essentially the secret science of numerology in a nutshell.

It’s also how your angels and guides can use numbers to communicate with you. Angel numbers are the number sequences angels will continually draw your focus towards to get your attention. The numbers themselves are the bridge between what we can see and what is unseen.

But what is the deeper message being conveyed to you through the 727 as an angel number?

Let’s dive into this now so you can not only to discover the meaning of 727 but also to learn how to apply this energy to your life for your highest good.

Know if Your Angels are Communicating to you through Numbers

angels communicate through numbers

Sometimes when people keep seeing a specific number sequence, it can feel a bit eerie. But just know that this is how angel numbers work. If there is a specific message the angels are wanting to convey to you through numbers, they will keep showing you that number to get your attention!

The 727 angel number may appear for you in many different places.

You may look up right as the clock strikes 7:27… You may notice a certain house that has this street address, maybe you see it on the license plate of a car driving in front of you, or perhaps you keep noticing it as the numbers of likes on facebook posts, or the number of comments on a video. There’s no one place where angel numbers can appear, which is part of the power of them in that they can show up anywhere!

Your angels nudge you to look up at just the right time so you notice 727 in a way that you pay attention to. Through numbers, signs and synchronicities, your angels will communicate with you in a personal way.

How do you know this is beyond mere coincidence?

When the angels are attempting to communicate with you through numbers, such as 727, you will feel there is a deeper meaning behind seeing the 727 angel number.

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You may see it more than once or, you may notice other synchronicities along with it, or you just have a strong knowing that there is a deeper message for you here. These are the signs the number you’re seeing is not just random, and there is indeed a deeper message for you!

Angels are always guiding you, it’s just that most of the time you’re blocked off from that level of consciousness. This is where angel numbers come in… They capture your attention!

So just what does 727 as an angel number mean?

Breaking down the Number 727

number 727 explanation727 as an angel number carries the vibrational meaning of 3 different numbers. 7, 2, and 7. 

Or in other words the vibration of the number two, with double the energy of the number 7.

To learn how to decipher angel numbers for yourself, essentially you first look at the vibrational meaning of each of the individual numbers on their own, and then consider the order in which they’re appearing and how these different vibrational energies are woven together.

This will help you to understand number 727 as a whole.

Let’s take a look into the meanings of the number seven and the number 2.

Meaning of Angel-Number 7

meaning of angel number 7

Seven carries the vibrational energy of the seeker, spirituality, mysticism, and searching for the deeper truth.

Seeing 7 alone brings the reminder of your soul mission and spiritual purpose, of the infinite possibility, magic and mysticism that is available to you in your life.

Seven is a number of inner knowing, spiritual awakening, and the quest for higher knowledge.

In the 727 angel number, there are of course two 7’s. Which means that there is double the power of the number 7 in this angel number, and its vibrational energy and meaning is significant.

It’s also significant that the 7 energy appears before and after the 2. 

The Meaning of the Number Two

number 2 meaning

The number two carries the vibrational meaning of balance, harmony, adaptability, and being of service.

The message for seeing the number 2 is that staying in balance and harmony, and being willing to adapt to whatever is happening in the present moment so you can respond with love.

Two can also be also about cooperation, and problem-solving in a diplomatic, patient, and sophisticated way.

It reminds you that you are not alone in accomplishing your purpose, and that support from the angelic realms is available to you now.

Seeing the number two also brings the reminder to stay positive and optimistic in the present to inspire the highest possibilities in your future.

In the number 727, two shows up in the middle as a passing point from seven to seven. This means that the number two in the number 727 is what holds the two 7’s together.

Okay, so let’s take a look at the meaning of 727 altogether.

The Influence of the Number 727

number 727 influence

When you see the angel number 727 your angels are telling you to take your inner wisdom and personal truth, and let living and expressing that be a priority for you.

727 brings the reminder that you are on the right path, and that when you continue to focus on carrying out your life purpose and mission one step and one moment at a time, doors will continue to open to you and your next steps will appear.

The angel number 272 reminds you to listen to your inner guidance, and act upon the guidance you do receive.

Staying balanced, adaptable and focused on being of service is key to opening to the true magic and possibility that is in store.

This combined with staying positive and optimistic will help you to manifest the highest and best possibilities on your path as you one step at a time move into the future.

Additionally, when you see this number, your angels are reminding you that although it may not seem like it, you are exactly where you need to be- and all the challenges you face in your life now when viewed through a different lens can be seen as opportunities to grow. And yes, your angels are right there with you in each and every moment to assist you in your personal growth and in accomplishing the highest possibilities in your life.

What does the Number 727 Mean Spiritually?

spiritual meaning of number 727

Spiritually speaking, the angel number 727 is an invitation to bring your inner wisdom and light to the surface to be of service to others in the world.

It’s time to listen to your inner guidance and one step at a time work to create blessings in your life and in the world.

So what exactly does 727 mean for you?

The exact meaning of the angel number 727 of course depends on where you are on your path, and what in life is currently happening for you.

Reflect on what it is that you are wanting to achieve in your life. What are your core intentions, values and desires?

This can help you to recognize where the angels are encouraging you to take action and to tap into your inner magic, wisdom and light.

It’s Time to Work Towards Fulfilling Your Purpose

work towards fulfilling your purpose

Another interpretation of what it means when you keep seeing the angel number 727 is that you are being called to make the world a more harmonious place. Remember that creating positive change in the world around always starts with creating positive change within you.

How can you live in greater harmony, peace and alignment with your inner Truth? One step at a time the opportunity to heal, bless and uplift your life unfolds. When you raise the vibration of your own experience, and tap into your inner wisdom, magic and light, you can then overflow blessings of love to benefit others.

727 angel number is a call to come together with other like-minded people to achieve a common goal. To step into your highest purpose in this life.

What gets you passionate? It may be time to start down this path or start to explore your future.

Number 727 for Love and Relationships

number 727 love and relationships

In terms of love and relationships, 727 is really about tapping into the flow of magic, joy and love to create harmony in relationship.

This goes for all relationships, Soul mate and twin flame relationships can be romantic or not.

When you see 727 your angels could also be telling you to use your intuition in terms of co-creating and communicating with your loved ones. Be patient, stay present and remember that you are guided and supported in navigating any challenges in relating to others with immense love and angelic wisdom.

An Opportunity to Tune in

When you see an angel number like 727, or really any number sequence that feels significant to you, in that moment it is in and of itself a reminder that your angels are there with you! In addition to the meaning outlined above, any angel number is a call to become present, to increase your awareness and to into the energies of love and harmony.

To clear your mind and open your heart so you can experience your angels and receive the direct messages of divine light and love available to you from Spirit in that very moment.

However, if you see an angel number, and you’re right in the middle of something, and don’t really have a chance to tune in… Don’t worry!

Your angels will continue to guide and support you… When you do have a free moment, clear your mind and ask your angels:

“What guidance do you have for me now?”

Let the Angels Guide You and Tune into the Power of 727

However the meaning of the 727 angel number applies to you, remember that at the core it is a reminder of the love and presence of angels in your life.

If you aren’t sure of what the specifics of the deeper message 727 as an angel number brings for you, ask!

With love, light, and blessings,

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler

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Rose-Lynn (Jessie Buckley) is a 23-year old tough cookie from Glasgow
who has been in prison for drug dealing. She possesses great pipes and aspires to make it big in Nashville as a country star. The songwriter Harlan Howard once defined country music as “three chords and the truth.” Rose-Lynn has taken this as her mantra and had it tattooed on her arm.

Just released from prison, Rose-Lynn goes to see her boyfriend (James Harkness) and they have sex in a public green. She also stops in at Glasgow’s version of the Grand Ol’ Opry where she used to have a regular singing gig. In what appears to be an afterthought, she goes to visit her strong-willed mother Marion (Julie Walters) who has been taking care of her two young children. She’s named them after stars, but Wynonna (Daisy Littlefield) and Lyle (Adam Mitchell) know little about the music or their mother. She’s going to have to make a real effort to get back into their hearts.

But it appears that Rose-Lynn’s heart belongs to her dreams of going to Nashville. After she takes a job as a housekeeper for Susannah (Sophie Okonedo), this plan looks more feasible. After hearing her sing while cleaning the house, Susannah offers to be her sponsor. She comes up with a creative plan to pay for the Nashville trip by crowd-funding it at her 50th birthday party. All Rose-Lynn has to do is show up and sing.

Tom Harper, the director of Wild Rose along with screenwriter Nicole Taylor, do everything they can to convince us that this film is going to be the familiar showbiz drama about an unusually talented outsider who against all odds becomes a star. But Jesse Buckley’s sassy and rambunctious performance reveals more sides to Rose-Lynn’s character than we’ve come to expect from this kind of story. She’s alternately selfish and self-destructive and caring and responsible. We begin to see how she just might pull off having a career and a family. Equally upending are her mother’s different responses to her daughter’s country music dreams. Just when we think we have these two figured out, we are in for a surprise.

The shape-shifting events which take Rose-Lynn on an unexpected path can be seen and understood as what we call the spiritual practice of reframing which turns adversity into advantage, obstacles into opportunities. and stumbling blocks into stepping-stones.

Let’s Talk About Dreams – Ignatian Spirituality

When I speak of dreams here, I don’t mean the mind’s journeys while you’re sleeping. I refer to dreams—visions, imaginings—you have for yourself, for those you love, for your larger community.

Dreams do make a difference, but how exactly? When has a dream sent your life in a different direction? When has a dream given you the ability and the nerve to do something new?

When do you know that a dream needs attention—that maybe it’s meant to develop into reality? What are the signs that, this time, you need to work on this dream and help it materialize?

What about communal dreams? Do you belong to a community that likes to dream and then work on the dream? I remember when my church was grappling with the problem of hunger in our city. That triggered a dream, and today we have a garden that helps supply fresh produce to shelters and pantries in our neighborhood. It took several people dreaming this at the same time—and we had help dreaming from our Jewish friends down the street, whose synagogue community had already begun to cultivate gardens around the city.

How do you encourage dreams in your children? How do you communicate to them that some of their dreams might not come true—or do you even say that?

Speaking of which—what about the dreams that never get beyond dream stage? Do we consider those failures? Or are some dreams meant simply to give us good practice at dreaming?

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Vinita Hampton Wright has served as senior editor at Loyola Press for 16 years and recently became managing editor of the trade books department. She has written various fiction and non-fiction books, including the novel Dwelling Places with HarperOne, Days of Deepening Friendship and The Art of Spiritual Writing for Loyola Press, and most recently, The St. Teresa of Avila Prayer Book for Paraclete Press. Vinita is a student and practitioner of Ignatian spirituality, and from 2009 to 2015 she blogged at Days of Deepening Friendship. For the past few years, she has co-led small groups through the 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises. She lives in Chicago with her husband, three cats, and a dog. In her “spare” time these days, she is working on her next novel.

Vinita Hampton Wright

Top 5 Full Moon Crystals & Charging Crystals Under the Full Moon!

When the Full Moon illuminates the sky, it is the perfect time to get your crystals out, supercharge your intentions, clear your energy and manifest positive blessings in your life!

To fully make the most out of the powerful energy window of the Full Moon, here are my top 5 Full Moon Crystals that have powerful qualities to support you during the Full Moon! You’ll also learn how to properly cleanse and charge your crystals under the light of the Full Moon!

These crystals are perfect to use in conjunction with the Full Moon Ritual I channeled to support you in recharging your energy, releasing what no longer serves, so that you may allow your Highest Divine potential to manifest in your life.

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And now… Lets dive into the Full Moon Crystals!

5 Crystals To Use During The Full Moon

Full Moon Crystal #1: Selenite

Selenite Crystals and the Full Moon

My first favorite crystal to use under the Full Moon is Selenite. Selenite is actually named after the Lunar Goddess Selene, which gives you some insight into its profound connection with the Lunar energy.

In addition, Selenite is an incredible bringer of light. It’s a crystallized light that just radiates so much joy and peace and positivity. The Full Moon is known to bring up lower emotions and fears and insecurities. Selenite can help you to process those. It has an incredible way of repelling and neutralizing negativity and density and tension that may come up amidst the backdrop of the Full Moon Energy.

How To Cleanse Selenite

One thing I do want to mention about Selenite is that it’s commonly said that Selenite does not need to be cleansed because it works to transmute negativity. And this is mostly true, however, I have encountered, back in the day when I was working at a crystal shop, some Selenite did store dense energy.

If you’ve never cleansed your Selenite, it is a good idea to cleanse it. The easiest way of course is to set it out at night under the light of the Full Moon.

Use Selenite and its energy under the Full Moon to supercharge your intentions and support you in manifesting more joy and love and blessings into your life. Also, use it to cleanse and release negativity, distortion and heavy emotion that you may still be holding onto.

Either side of the coin, Selenite is a powerful ally. This remains one of my favorite crystals. It’s so incredible!

Learn more about Selenite here.

Full Moon Crystal #2: Moonstone

Moonstone is a perfect stone to use amidst the Full MoonMy second favorite crystal for the Full Moon is Moonstone! Moonstone is a powerful ally in helping you to tune in to the Full Moon Energy.

As you could easily guess from the name, Moonstone is also closely connected to the lunar energy. Moonstone also connected to the energy of the Divine Feminine. And so it supports Divine Feminine qualities of intuition, psychic ability, and flowing with grace and ease.

It can also bring up lower emotions and insecurities, revealing what has been hidden in the shadow with the light of the Full Moon illuminating the darkness so that you can integrate and release.

If you’re incredibly sensitive to energy, wearing Moonstone on the Full Moon may feel like a little much for you and that’s okay. Just know that you can take it off and just hold it for a while or set it down, but that the Moonstone is helping you to tune into the Full Moon energy.

Moonstone is a very powerful Full Moon Crystal, and will help you connect to integrate your full, true self.

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Full Moon Crystal #3: Amethyst

Amethyst is a great Full Moon CrystalMy third favorite crystal I love to use during the Full Moon is Amethyst.

Amethyst, while not specifically connected to the Full Moon, has qualities that are just so supportive during Full Moon Energy. And one of the reasons that I picked Amethyst as a Full Moon crystal is because it’s beautiful Violet Energy vibrates with the violet ray band of frequency. And so it has the powerful ability to transmute lower emotions, negativity, fear, insecurity, density into the light.

Amethyst can help you navigate the heavy energies that may be coming up within you or within other people around the Full Moon. Amethyst can help you not take on energy from others, but then also to face what’s coming up within you to not try to bury it, but to face it so you can transmute it into grounded and authentic spiritual power and light.

Amethyst also helps to ground Higher Spiritual frequencies into your physical life and it is a great stone for heightening spirituality, boosting your intuition and again is just such an incredible ally during Full Moon energy.

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Full Moon Crystal #4: Labradorite

Labradorite carries both the energy of the Sun and MoonThe fourth crystal I want to share with you for the Full Moon is Labradorite. Labradorite is really powerful for tuning into Full Moon energy and also experiencing profound transformation.

Labradorite is sometimes called the Shaman’s stone and it is connected to both the energy of the sun and of the moon. So it has both those sources of light on the inner and outer planes of manifestation and can support you in revealing what in you needs to come to light.

It reveals what is in you that is out of balance, what in you has been pushed into shadow. Labradorite has a way of bringing those things up to the surface and then again as you’re noticing what the theme of these Full Moon crystals, heightening your intuition, boosting your sense of Spirituality, connecting you with your guides and supporting you in ushering in positive transformation into your life.

It’s a powerful stone for spirituality and awakening in general but is also great to connect with and use amidst the backdrop of Full Moon energy.

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Full Moon Crystal #5: Clear Quartz

Learn why Clear Quartz is a perfect Full Moon CrystalOur fifth Full Moon crystal that I wanted to share with you today is Clear Quartz. I use a particular Clear Quartz that originates from a Lemurian seed crystal. It is a kind of special quartz which means that the knowledge and light tied back from the time of Lemuria is seeded into this crystal.

Clear Quartz in general is the most versatile crystal of all because it is highly, highly open to intention.

And so I wanted to include Clear Quartz as a powerful Full Moon crystal because the Full Moon is a powerful time to re-infuse your intentions with light and positive energy. And you can actually focus your intentions towards the Clear Quartz.

Check out my video on Programming Crystals to learn more about that so that the Clear Quartz will then hold that intention and support in anchoring it into physical manifestation.

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Full Moon Ritual: Charging Your Crystals During The Full Moon

Charging Your Crystals During The Full Moon

So those are the 5 Full Moon Crystals that I wanted to share with you. And yes, the Full Moon is a powerful time to charge or clear your crystals.

The way I see this is that crystals, when they are cleansed, when their energy is clear of distortions or negative energies that they’ve taken on from human beings or from the environment, they don’t need to be charged.

However, the Full Moon energy has a way of supporting them in returning to their authentic divine crystalline state. Crystals are the perfect manifestation crystallization of Divine light into physical form, and so they are allies in supporting us as divine beings in more perfectly embodying our Highest Divine light. The Sun is a wonderful way to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Charging Amethyst During The Full Moon

However, for a stone like Amethyst, sunlight will actually fade it, so you never want to put Amethyst sitting out in the light of the sun because it will damage the stone and change its vibration. However, putting it out under the light of the Full Moon is a wonderful way to restore its authentic energy and help it to shine so bright so that it supports you in your life.

Which Types of Crystals To Charge During the Full Moon?

With crystals that are connected to the Moon energy, such as Moonstone, Selenite and Labradorite, I will charge my crystals under the light of the Full Moon.

When you leave them out under the light of the Full Moon, it’s a good idea to set them down on the ground if you can, on the soil of the earth to ground their energy and then just put them where they can get an unobstructed dose of moonlight.

So not like under an awning or right at the base of a tree that’s going to block them from receiving that moonlight. Even if it’s cloudy and gray, the moonlight will still shine through.

Please note that Selenite will be damaged if it gets too much water. And so if it is going to rain, you probably don’t want to put your Selenite out in the rain where it can be damaged.

Tips to Intention Setting and Grounding Your Crystals

  • Set your crystals out on the ground under the light of the Full Moon and then leave them out overnight.
  • And then in the next morning when you go to pick them up, tune into them and then this is where you can check out my process for programming your crystals.
  • Essentially setting your intention for the vibration you would like the crystal to help you manifest and that combination of cleansing and charging your crystals under the light of the Full Moon and then setting your intention is a super powerful way to use them during the Full Moon energy in and of itself.

More Tips and Advice For Creating The Perfect Full Moon Ritual

Learn more about how to create a magical sacred space and intention with your crystals during the Full Moon in the Full Moon Ritual E-book.

It’s a supportive guide to helping you to connect with the Full Moon energy to release and let go of what’s no longer serving you and to call forth the brightest possibilities from the vast fields of infinite possibility for your life.

Keep shining, have a beautiful now,

Melanie Beckler




Melanie Beckler

Befriending a Rat – Ignatian Spirituality

In our urban backyard, we have a chicken coop constructed just right to fit our five, almost full-grown chickens. My animal-loving family promises me eggs are just around the corner. Having a chicken coop in the backyard, however, means other animals are sometimes attracted to our yard at night—including, most recently, a pesky, neighborhood rat that continuously tried to break into the coop.

My husband considered a variety of ways to take care of the rat, finally settling on setting a couple of traps in our yard. My oldest son was intrigued by the process. I thought he’d be disturbed by the idea of a rat trap, but he seemed OK with it overall. He just had a lot of questions. Then, several weeks after we had solved our rat problem, he came home from camp with a simple cardboard box. “What’s that for?” I asked him. He went on to tell me his elaborate scheme for trapping a rat alive in this cardboard box and bringing it to his best friend at camp so he could pet him.

I could feel myself cringe as I immediately told him my passionate feelings against petting rats, especially wild-caught rats. I assured him that his friend’s parents would also be less than thrilled to have their son pet a rat. My son looked earnestly at me and said, “Mom, you don’t like rats? Do people not like rats?” He paused to consider this revelation and then replied with conviction: “Then I must catch one so I can show him he has a friend.”

Often, we consider Jesus only from the vantage points depicted in the Bible. And therefore, we do not know specifics about his childhood. I imagine, however, since his home was not the urban setup we have, he probably had many animals, like chickens, in his yard. I also imagine his family had pests like rats to take care of to ensure the safety of the yard animals and the cleanliness of their home. And in my imaginings, Jesus as a young boy was also immensely compassionate, especially for those outcasted. After all, as an adult, he embraced tax collectors, lepers, and sinners those in his community would not.

In that moment, as my son stood in front of me eager to make friends with a rat, I caught a glimpse of Jesus at six years old: a young boy standing in front of Mary with an earnest desire to befriend a creature many would not care about. And I thought, “Seriously, how can someone say no to that?”

Of course, I do not have any intention of letting my son befriend a rat, so as any good parent would do, I told my son he should wait until Daddy came home to talk again about his plans. However, as he left to go play, I continued to think about this small, innocent display of love. And I marveled at the courage it takes to be the one willing to befriend another simply because we know no one else will.

I hope as an adult I have retained some of the compassion I had as a child. But when I struggle, I am so grateful to have a tangible reminder in my children of what compassion looks like. Every day they seem to open my eyes to something new.

There is a prayer by Pedro Arrupe that begins, “Grant me, O Lord, to see everything now with new eyes.” Moments like these, when Jesus stands right in front of me, demonstrating boundless compassion, I know I have the opportunity to see with new eyes. The prayer continues, asking the Lord to help us communicate “the things that are yours.” As another school year begins, I find myself contemplating how I can communicate this boundless compassion to all those I encounter. I wonder if I will have the courage to demonstrate this selfless love to everyone, even those that others might cast aside.

Gretchen Crowder

13 Best Heart Chakra Stones for Heart Healing and Balance

Heart chakra stones are the specific crystals and gems that resonate with the energy of a vibrant and awakened heart chakra.

Through resonance, and through working with these specific stones, you can effectively balance your heart chakra to heal past pain, wounds and traumas and to restore a radiant sense of love and well-being that can freely flow through all areas of your life.

Having an awakened and balanced heart chakra is incredibly important because the heart chakra is the balance point for your physical and energetic being.

The heart chakra is the center chakra of the 7-chakra system. It balances the mental and spiritual energy of the higher chakras with the physical energy of the lower chakras. Its also the center point of your multidimensional being.

When the heart chakra is awakened, open and balanced, love is able to beautifully and naturally flow up and down your chakra column, and this circulation through your being empowers you to flow love towards ourselves and others. Love paves the way for higher light to anchor into your life experience.

Additionally, when you’re in a state of true love there is no resistance of struggle… There is a natural resonance and harmony with the Divine and you’re able to navigate through life and relationships with a sense of grace, joy and ease.

The heart chakra also plays a key role in empowering you to anchor the higher light of Spirit into your physical being… And empowers you as a physical being to reach up to experience the higher realms of angels, peace and light.


The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is anahata which literally means unstruck. It refers to the pure tone of the awakened heart chakra that is the resonant sounds made without any two things striking. It is the sound of love present when there is no striking or struggle…  It is the tone of Divine Love, balance and harmony.

Heart chakra stones resonate with this tone, and can help bring your wounded, closed, or imbalanced heart  chakra center back into a Divine State of embodied love, and balance so you can clearly relate to yourself and others with love.

As always when to comes to crystals, there are many to choose from. Here are my top picks for heart chakra stones to help guide you in selecting the right one for you. Trust your intuition and which you are drawn to, or which naturally come into your life.


These crystals all have many different metaphysical and spiritual properties. Here I am exclusively focusing on how they support and resonate with heart chakra healing.


Rhodochrosite is a powerful love stone with a strong heart based energy. It works to heal and cleanse past wounds and traumas so you can love yourself and others, allowing love to freely flow through you.

Rhodochroiste is sometimes referred to as a stone of compassion and is also a powerful emotional healing stone and can be used to attract and amplify love in your life.

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Rose Quartz Crystal Jewelry for Heart Chakra HealingRose Quartz

Rose Quartz is well known for being the “Stone of Love”. It naturally resonates with love and with the heart chakra and has a beautiful warmth and loving energy. Rose quartz supports relationships of all kinds, encourages emotional healing, and opens the heart chakra to the flow of love.

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Ocean Jasper StoneOcean Jasper

Ocean Jasper, also sometimes called Sea Jasper comes in a variety of different colors. The varieties with green color and energy are powerfully healing and supportive for the heart chakra.

Powerful for grounding intentions and higher manifestations of love into the physical, Ocean Jasper resonates with the healing energy of the Ocean and supports the flow of energy through your chakra system and being.

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Green Aventurine Tumbled StonesGreen Aventurine

Green Aventurine is an all-around healing stone with a powerful resonance with the heart chakra. It has a calming and soothing energy that physically protects the heart and supports in processing unresolved emotions blocking the flow of love in your heart center and life.

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Emerald Photo by Rob LavinskiEmerald

Emerald is a powerful heart chakra crystal and “stone of successful love”. It is incredibly supportive in cultivating loving relationships with others whether that is at the level of friendship or romantic partnership. Emerald encourages living in a heart centered way and responding with love in the present moment.

This is a stone that can support in healing wounds of the heart as well as embracing the heart centered qualities of love and compassion.


Rhodonite is a beautiful stone of self-love and unconditional love. It promotes emotional balance and heals past wounds and traumas through activating and cleansing the heart center.

Also incredibly supportive for navigating and healing relationship challenges and struggles rhodonite helps to release fear and increases self-esteem, confidence and of course love.

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Green Jade photo by Simon A. EugsterGreen Jade

Green Jade resonates with a clear and awakened heart center while promoting love, tolerance, care and balance.

It is said to promote luck in love by creating harmony, balance, happiness and prosperity.

Can also help to release negative emotions and irritation blocking the flow of love through the heart center.

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Amazonite Crystal PendantAmazonite

Amazonite has a powerfully balancing energy with a lovely calming and yet protective energy that supports you in speaking the truth of your heart and accessing deep wisdom within.

Amazonite also balances emotions and resonates with powerful healing energy.

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Prehnite Jewelry Prehnite

Prehnite is a stone of love, peace and harmony that can open you to receive and connect with the inner wisdom of your awakened heart center.

Powerfully healing, it supports a loving connection with the angelic realm through your open heart, and restores balance to your heart center, and entire being.

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Malachite Crystal JewleryMalachite

Malachite is a powerful heart chakra healer that protects against negativity and balances emotions. Can help to alleviate destructive patterns and habits by bringing your heart back into resonance with awakened love.

Can help to bring balance and harmony in relationships by cultivating balance and harmony within your own heart center.

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Chrysoprase from Australia- Photo by James St. JohnChrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a powerful heart chakra stone that amplifies love, joy, hope and happiness through opening the flow of healing through the heart center.

Can help to attract greater love into your life while also aiding in forgiveness and cultivating compassion and hope.

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Epidote Photo by Rob LavinskyEpidote

Epidote is a relatively rare gemstone that supports in nurturing and expanding the energy of the heart center. Epidote can help to rebuild trust in relationships (with yourself and others) and to break draining and negative habits, thought patterns and tendencies.

Epidote fosters spiritual and personal growth and enhances spiritual perception.

Aquamarine Heart HealingAquamarine

Aquamarine promotes love and courage. It is powerfully soothing and supportive for those dealing with grief or learning to express their hearts truth.

While commonly associated with the throat chakra, it also deeply resonates with the heart and really, supports you in expressing through your throat the truth of awakened love in your heart.

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How to Work With Heart Chakra Stones

Now that you know which stones are supportive of a balanced and awakened heart center, you may be wondering just what to do with them to tune into the benefits.

There are many ways to work with crystals, here are a few ways to get you started:
  1. Meditate with your Heart Chakra Crystal

Hold your heart chakra stone in your left hand (receiving hand) and quite your mind to meditate.

Alternately you can lay down and place the stone over your heart chakra. As you clear your mind, direct your attention towards your heart center and allow yourself to simply relax to tune into the heart chakra healing available to you in the moment. Move your awareness deeper and deeper into the center of your heart to awaken and activate your heart chakra.

  1. Wear your Heart Chakra Crystal as Jewelry

One of the best ways to work with healing crystals is to wear them as jewelry. This allows you to resonate with the healing energy of the stone all day, and to have it on you when you most need.

For heart chakra healing it is especially powerful to get a long chain, and wear the specific heart chakra stone you want to work with directly over your heart chakra center.

Alternately, wearing a ring with one of the heart chakra stones on your pointer finger (the finger associated with the heart) is a powerful way to focus the healing energy also.

You can of course still gain benefit from wearing the stone in general too, just remember to consciously focus your attention on the stone throughout the day to tune into its healing energy.

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  1. Sleep With Crystals Under Your Pillow or By Your Bedside

Powerful healing happens at night when you sleep and placing a heart chakra healing stone under your pillow, or on your night stand is a wonderful way to bring the crystals healing energy in your healing sleep time.

  1. Take a Crystal Elixir or Essence

Crystal elixirs are made by charging or infusing water with the crystals energy. You can often find these at metaphysical shops or fairs. Put a drop on your tongue or in water to ingest the crystalline healing energy.

You can make crystal elixirs yourself as well by soaking crystals in water, just be sure to do your research first and be well informed… Crystals such as malachite can be toxic when ingested so you would not want to drink it.

Learn more about how to work with Healing Crystals Here.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler




Melanie Beckler