About Me

Life is a long journey they say. However, we add life to days or days to life, is entirely up to us.  We face hurdles or may have problems in personal or professional life.  That is where my blog, Light of Angel is going to be a beacon of hope for many.

Hi, I am Christina, 48 years old, mother of two lovely young children, working part-time in nursing home, Adelaide, at the same time pursuing my nursing studies, and now I am into energy healing, spiritual healing, and primarily on my quest for soul’s purpose.

I too have had my share of anxiety, depression and days after days of emptiness. I used to wonder if the positivity in life has come to an end. Right from my childhood, I have wondered and sought answers for really important questions in life. A few of them being, “What is my mission and purpose God has set for me in this life?” or “What am I here for?”.  I used to wonder if I was the only one facing these questions now and then. However, later, I realised that this kind of manifestation is common to those who are spiritual seekers.

I sought knowledge and expertise in learning about psychic healing, spiritual healing, healing crystals, holistic health, yoga, and above all, the meaning of life.

The Awakening

It is easier said than done, but in order to call myself awakened and to claim that I have attained ancient wisdom is just not going to be right. I have started my journey towards self-realisation. I have started taking time out of my busy schedule and responsibilities as a full-time mother, and wife. I realised that in order to find happiness, we have to know ourselves well and spend time with ourselves first.

It is only possible to be in constant connection with our ‘higher self’ if we spend time in meditation and focus on ourselves and our mind. Learn to let go of the past and start looking at the present. Be grateful for what we have.  Our inner voice is far more powerful and will give us answers to all the questions.

We should look for little things that make us happy, no matter how small or big. Expensive things might make us happy for a short while, but is that happiness the truest of meanings we are seeking in life?  Well, certainly not for me.

During the process of searching for answers to my questions, I also found the laws of attraction working well for me. I have embarked on a journey that looks promising and is also very positive.

Spiritual awakening and ancient awareness have become the mantra that I wish to share through my blog. I look forward to meeting seekers on the same path of spirituality and mindfulness with me.

Christina Ng