Aged Care Facilities – What’s Good About Them and Why Not To Choose Them?

It is funny how our values and respect comes with an expiry dates. As long as we are capable of contributing to the society through our skills and expertise, we are all valuable members of the society.  As soon as age strikes in and we become dependent, we are thrown out to aged-care facilities. The world is selfish.  Isn’t it?

Nothing in this world can be either totally good or totally bad. Everything has its own merits and demerits and so does aged care.  If you really have to put your elderly family members to an aged-care facility, then you must consider a few things.


  • Care facilities at any time of the day

Providing an elderly with the right care can demand full day dedication, especially if you really want to care for them. This poses today’s generation with one of the hardest hurdles. They just cannot take time out of their packed schedule to assist in caring for the ones that brought them to this world. To beat this, aged care has turned out to be one of the most effective solutions and can promise round the clock services to care for the elderly parents. This is the biggest advantage of aged care services. Professional healthcare experts would always be available to attend to any needs they may require.

  • Community formation

Peers can be one of the best solutions to many problems. It is no different for the elderly as well, especially when they are surrounded by the ones who belong to the same age group. It can be comfortable as well as free. When parents move in with their children, it is common for them to get deprived of the community senses and that can be quite frustrating.  Moreover, with no activities to take part in, they will get sick even mentally.  The aged care thus comes into the rescue to provide the elderly with a sense of community alongside providing them the feel of not becoming a burden on the other members of the family.


  • Care facilities are generally overburdened

Studies show that over 200,000 aged individuals are residing in aged care facilities for the maximum part of a week.  But to the surprise, only handful organisations (902 to be precise) can responsibly provide as much as 2672 services.  What adds on to the issue is it is a non-profit industry, meaning a single registered nurse holds the responsible of over 70 elderly, thus causing under-qualified staffs to tackle issues that would otherwise had been handled by qualified professional responsible for the task.  Assistants without the necessary training also show delays in recognising the onset of health issues among the aged residents in their care.

  • Staffs often lack the right attitude for the job

Though most of the staffs working in the aged care industry has a qualification for the purpose, they are often not the right one for the job. A certificate or degree cannot make a human’s character change.  The most necessary thing for aged care is not only qualification, but compassion, sympathy and empathy.  Most workers work for just money and lack the right attitude needed to deal with the elderly. The worst part is the family members whom will most probably never know of these problems and how staffs who do not qualify for the job despite a qualification as they cannot shower the much-needed love and care that the elderly generally seeks.

  • Too much expenses

Another one of the most disturbing setbacks of aged care facilities is that they are too expensive, making it tough for certain families to avail the services. Especially if some elderly have not saved up enough funds for their old-age care, it is going to be a lot of pressure on their children.

  • Rigidity and lack of freedom

Many nursing homes are so rigid in their structure and schedule that they reduce the level of freedom a resident can enjoy, such as being able to take a day off to visit the grandkids. This change can be quite a shock to the system after decades of independence.

Despite government regulations, nightmare stories abound.  Though there has been many rules and regulations that have been issued by the governments, a very few of them are actually regulated at these aged-care homes.  For this reason, it is of prime importance to consider before deciding on shuffling the loved ones to a residential care. If you really need to do this, make sure to carefully consider all available options and seek reviews from the ones you can trust.

Christina Ng

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