Best wishes for 2019!

Well, 2018 is nearly over and 2019 is just around the corner. The new year is always a joyous time of celebration at the passing of the old and the coming of the new.  People from all over the world will ring in the new year with best wishes and greet each other with warm happy thoughts.

I love this holiday more than any other because it sings to my own beliefs and is beyond ethnicity, religions, creed, and caste and is focused on joyous festivity and rebirth for all.  It symbolises new beginning and brings hope and a fresh start for all individuals from every corner of the world.

It is only natural, as the year ends, that we spend time evaluating the past year and make plans for the one to come. The new year brings with it the hope and promise that we can accomplish all that we couldn’t in the past twelve months. Whether it is improving your skills or going on a new adventure, the new year gives everyone a renewed chance at happiness and peace.

For those of you who like to set yourself with personal goals to achieve in the new year then beware of the temptation to be ambitious with resolutions.

Pledging to go to the gym every day, or not drinking alcohol for the whole year are fine ideas in principle but are too easily discarded in favour of a kebab or a curry after a night in the pub with friends.  Even the most determined can fall by the wayside when faced with a pint of Coopers, glass of wine or a bag of chips covered in vinegar.

But remember lifestyle changes don’t need to be so drastic or daunting. Think about small resolutions that are easily achieved with just a few changes and can be held onto throughout the year. And don’t just think that the new year is the only time for renewal.  Remind yourself that each week, each day can be seen as a new start.  Just like in Yoga class, where stepping onto the mat means letting go of everything that has gone before and cultivating a type of awareness and attention to the details of everything we do and then using this in our everyday lives.

It’s with this sense of renewal and positivity that I say goodbye now, 2018.  Thank you all for your support over the past year, and I hope you all have an amazing year that is peaceful and calm.  I hope to see you back here on my blog in the coming months.

Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead!

Love and Light

Christina Ng

If you love someone, Tell Them!

There are things in life we can find alternatives to them.  Mending relationships is one of them.  There are no escaping life patterns and what is expected of us especially when it comes to love.  You do not have to wait until it is all over to go through your life review.

If you pay attention, you will know exactly how you affect your loved ones before you make the transition. It is therefore, important to make the life review early to accomplish your emotional duty.  All you did or failed to accomplish will emerge as if it were done or not done to you. This makes it a big deal. Continue reading “If you love someone, Tell Them!”

Creating a Crystal Action Plan: Working with Crystals and Intentions

Not sure how to create positive changes in 2019? Don’t worry, I have a guide to get you started! I put together a crystal program to enhance every kind of intention that you may have for the new year. All you have to do is select the area of your life that you’re ready to work on. Continue reading “Creating a Crystal Action Plan: Working with Crystals and Intentions”

Crystals for Health: Physical + Spiritual Wellness

Health is a topic that comes up a lot this time of year. Everyone commits to taking better care of their mind, body and spirit. Of course, that commitment doesn’t always last. We have to remember to place an importance on our health each and every day—not just at the beginning of the year. Set your intention to prioritize your physical and emotional wellness with crystals for health. Investing in your health reassures the spirit that you are worthy of self-care. So whether you need to ditch unhealthy habits, eat better or exercise more, crystals for health will guide you toward your best impulses. These are the stones you’ll need to create a positive (and lasting) change in your wellbeing.  Continue reading “Crystals for Health: Physical + Spiritual Wellness”

Aged Care Facilities – What’s Good About Them and Why Not To Choose Them?

It is funny how our values and respect comes with an expiry dates. As long as we are capable of contributing to the society through our skills and expertise, we are all valuable members of the society.  As soon as age strikes in and we become dependent, we are thrown out to aged-care facilities. The world is selfish.  Isn’t it?

Nothing in this world can be either totally good or totally bad. Everything has its own merits and demerits and so does aged care.  If you really have to put your elderly family members to an aged-care facility, then you must consider a few things. Continue reading “Aged Care Facilities – What’s Good About Them and Why Not To Choose Them?”

Crystal Gift Guide: Sharing the Gift of Loving Energy for the Holidays!

Each time we meet with friends and family, they share their energy with us. A mix of compassion, joy and support—there’s nothing like receiving positive energy from those we love.  Crystals are the perfect gift to give that energy back to them. Just as it’s the small moments—like a warm hug or a funny text—that remind us how much we value our relationships, small, meaningful gifts can have the biggest impact. Continue reading “Crystal Gift Guide: Sharing the Gift of Loving Energy for the Holidays!”

Crystal Bracelet Combinations: Creating the Right Energy For YOU!

Everyone is unique. When you’re looking to enhance a part of your life—like your career or health—it’s important to think about the energy that’s going to work for YOU. One of the best ways to cater to your needs is with crystal bracelet combinations.

Think of this as your own custom bracelet set. By combining different energies toward a single focus, you increase the power of your intention. You are creating the energy of your own breakthrough! What crystal bracelet combinations will you choose to enhance your energy? Start by finding a bracelet that aligns with your intention. Then think about what energy will compliment that goal. This reinforces your intention with a spectrum of beneficial energies. Continue reading “Crystal Bracelet Combinations: Creating the Right Energy For YOU!”

Discover your Inner Self with the Best Law of Attraction

Guide to discover your Inner Self

We all want to discover our purpose and a deeper meaning to our lives than the ordinary.  There is a lot to learn about our lives than the simple physical reality that we interact with daily.  You may have experienced some mysterious psychic episodes that got you wondering about the depth of the inner self and the connection to the future unknown.  Everybody craves the world of endless possibilities in their lives.  Many religions and cultures have their way of explaining the journey to the inner self.  Most of the cultural beliefs resemble worldviews and perceptions regardless of how remote the cultures may emerge from at any time. Continue reading “Discover your Inner Self with the Best Law of Attraction”

Self Care During The Holidays Is Essential! Learn 9 Key Practices Here!

9 Self Care Practices for the Vacation Season!

The Vacation Season is upon us, and whereas the vacations are completely a time of celebration, festivity and gathering with household…

For a lot of, this time of 12 months additionally brings up quite a lot of stress, loneliness, painful reminiscences, emotions of loss, and even self-judgment for not feeling “cheerful” or for not measuring as much as self-imposed expectations.

Issue within the insane stage of commercialism, distorted media programming that units unrealistic expectations for a way issues must be…

Plus lengthy to-do-lists, and additional busy schedules with work, occasions and events that maintain you speeding round and bustling about… To not point out the various sweets and unhealthy low-vibe meals choices round… Continue reading “Self Care During The Holidays Is Essential! Learn 9 Key Practices Here!”

Discover the different forms of Psychic Healing

What is Psychic Healing?

Psychic healing is known as Energy healing.  It involves sending energy to a person by one or more persons to heal him or her.  Only persons having high meditation capacity and mindfulness can do psychic healing.  When you have good concentration, you can direct energy flow to augment those of the patient.

All dealings by the psychic Energy healing are done at the subconscious level of the patient.  A few psychic healers have clairvoyant powers, so they are able to sense the cause of a problem.  They use images to get guidance or at times, contact their spiritual guide directly at the subconscious level to achieve success. Continue reading “Discover the different forms of Psychic Healing”