Top Five Simple Yoga Poses Will Make You Feel Less Stressed

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Reduce Stress with Simple Yoga Poses

You can’t run away from stress. It is part of life, after all, and resisting it will only prove to be futile. But too much stress can also bring more damage to yourself than you think. It could affect your daily life, your relationships and of course, your mental and spiritual health. Good thing, there are ways to effectively manage stress, one of which is through simple yoga poses.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years because of how it helps restore the balance in one’s mind, body, and spirit. Continue reading “Top Five Simple Yoga Poses Will Make You Feel Less Stressed”

Mercury Retrograde Meaning – Is There A Positive Side?

Mercury Retrograde That means- Is There A Constructive Aspect?

Mercury Retrograde is upon us as soon as once more… Its third cycle of retrograde for 2018 taking place now – November 16th- December 6. This is what you have to know: 

Mercury Retrograde is notorious for being a time of problem and miscommunication the place life turns the other way up.

There are ongoing jokes that its greatest simply to remain in your home throughout mercury retrograde… To keep away from touring, keep away from speaking to individuals, cease taking over new initiatives, signing paperwork, or making selections… Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde Meaning – Is There A Positive Side?”

Yoga Meditation

Importance of Yoga Meditation

For most people, yoga is a stretching exercise that yields healthy physical benefits and tightens the skin and body. It makes people appear younger and to improve their posture.  But yoga provides a deep and insightful experience to the ones who really indulge themselves in the practice.  Yoga meditation is an exercise of the mind and a practice of spiritual healing.  Which is why thousands of people regard yoga for spirituality and for changing their psyche and starting a new and healthy life. Continue reading “Yoga Meditation”

Becoming Enlightened is a phenomenon experienced by many of us.

We open ourselves to our true nature and raise our level of consciousness.  Several transformations are appearing at this moment.  We are experiencing great emotional upheavals that push us to question everything and take stock of our lives.

And now, what about this awareness of our existence?

Below are some principles to becoming enlightened. A path to Enlightenment.

Simplify one’s existence

We often tend to complicate our lives. Why?  Because the ego believes this is the only way for him to survive.  Our mind makes us believe that we must always add a little more.  More work, more material goods, more money, more relationships. Continue reading “Becoming Enlightened is a phenomenon experienced by many of us.”

The mystery of Reincarnation- Is Reincarnation True?

My understanding of reincarnation.

Like other Indian religions, Buddhism affirms the existence of rebirth or reincarnation.  The mental continuum of an individual, with his instincts, talents, etc., comes from past lives and continues into future lives.  The individual, according to his actions and the habits that flow from them, can be reborn among a great variety of life forms, better or worse: human, animal, insect, as a ghost or in another invisible state.  All human beings experience uncontrollable rebirth due to the strength of their disruptive attitudes such as attachment, anger and naivety, and the drive behaviors they cause.  Continue reading “The mystery of Reincarnation- Is Reincarnation True?”

Miracles do happen!

Do you believe in the miracles of God?

I do because I’m a living witness! I know Miracles do happen.

Precisely, it was 7 years ago that I conceived and gave birth to my son, Ryan, in Brunei.  It was an incredible experience for me, considering the chain of events that follows before and immediately after Ryan’s birth.  Today, each time I set my eyes on Ryan and remember the past, I knew deep down that God has given me a living miracle, for which I just cannot stop thanking Him enough.  I believed that miracles do happen. So I’m here to share the testimony with you and to encourage you to trust in miracles of God.  Continue reading “Miracles do happen!”

How women get Postpartum Depression Treatment with Yoga Benefits

Motherhood is one of those personal milestones that’s both exciting and challenging. You look forward to holding that little bundle of joy in your arms, yet you put your body through so much in order to deliver a healthy baby.

New moms are said to go through a whole wave of emotions, starting from conception all the way to labor.

A Snapshot of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression remains an elephant in the room for most new moms. Many of them are overwhelmed with such an enormous and significant change in their lives. They struggle through the sleepless nights, the diaper changes. Continue reading “How women get Postpartum Depression Treatment with Yoga Benefits”

How did spiritual healing overcome my depression?

Spiritual Healing

I am happy I met a woman who engages in divine healing missions recently. I want to know about Spiritual healing. She is such a kindhearted person. I was positive about our interaction from the first time we engaged in the chat. During our first meeting, I was quite tensed. However, she made me feel easy and relaxed in a short period.

We talked for about 60 minutes after which, she started the healing execution session on me. This lasted for 10 minutes. I stated to her that an unusual thing occurred on the day that I was registering to have the healing session with her. Continue reading “How did spiritual healing overcome my depression?”


Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality is not a religion.  It is a Path, so steep and narrow that it requires every concentrated effort on your part to keep moving onward with consistent strength and determination.  Spirituality is a personal journey where you walk alone.

The road is long and arduous, strewn with precious gems of wisdom, scattered by the Great Masters who had once trod the route to attain their personal Christhood.  These gems are the nurturance of your soul, providing greater relief and strength to the aspiring wayfarers of this Path.

Man is habituated to move around in life with a burden on his back, the contents of which have no import whatsoever. They are the old remnants of his past – sorrows, and tears – which he has carefully treasured for eons in time. Continue reading “Spirituality”