Crystal Gift Guide: Sharing the Gift of Loving Energy for the Holidays!

Each time we meet with friends and family, they share their energy with us. A mix of compassion, joy and support—there’s nothing like receiving positive energy from those we love.  Crystals are the perfect gift to give that energy back to them. Just as it’s the small moments—like a warm hug or a funny text—that remind us how much we value our relationships, small, meaningful gifts can have the biggest impact.

What energy will you give your loved ones this year? Here’s our crystal gift guide to match every loving intention that you wish to share!
Crystal Gift Guide for 2018


Want your friends and family to enjoy a little tranquility in their lives? Crystals that purify the mind of worries will help them to find the calm that we all crave at the end of the day. Gifting one of these crystals for peace is the perfect way to help your loved ones unwind.

Amethyst + Quartz Pyramids—Help your friends transform their homes into temples of clarity and relaxation with these amethyst and quartz pyramids.

Fluorite Sphere—Let this Fluorite Sphere surround your loved one with a bubble of positive vibes.

Selenite Harmonizers—Everyone could use a little more balance in their life. Giving a friend these selenite harmonizers will help them maintain symmetry in their mind, body and spirit.

Ocean Jasper Touchstone—Bring in the tide of high vibes with Ocean Jasper. Ocean jasper touchstones guide the mind away from stress, and into the soothing waters of positivity.


Share the love this holiday season! Send your friends and family loving vibes with these crystals that will make every heart happy. Love is an energy they’ll want to tap into everyday, so these gifts won’t go unappreciated.

Raw Rose Quartz—Raw rose quartz will help one lucky friend supercharge their home environment with loving vibrations. 

Amethyst Geode Heart + Amethyst Heart—Connecting with a crystal heart constantly reminds you that you are surrounded by love. An amethyst heart will soothe the mind and spirit with calm, purifying energy. These amethyst geode hearts emit positive energy in your space, while elevating up your room the highest vibrations.

Malachite Crystal—Give your friend a malachite crystal to enable them to transform their life with the energy love. This is an especially powerful crystal for men, so if you know a guy who could benefit from loving energy, get him a malachite!


What is life without joy? Encourage your friends to play. These happy stones will drawn in whimsical, adventurous energy so that your loved ones can set their cares free for awhile.

Angel Aura Quartz Point—Give an Angel Aura Quartz Point to your favorite playmate! This stone brings to mind rainbows, unicorns and everything magical. For the person in your life that you love adventuring with, this stone will be the perfect gift.

Citrine Point—This Citrine Point will be your loved one’s crystal cheerleader, rooting them on when they need a win! The sunny vibes of citrine warm the spirit confidence and joy.

Apophyllite Cluster—Inspire your friends and family to live with a positive attitude gifting them an apophyllite cluster. One of these clusters in the home will make the whole space feel lighter and brighter!


If you want your loved ones to feel like a million bucks, why not get them a crystal for prosperity? Crystals for wealth boost confidence, drive and wisdom. Stir up an abundance of opportunities for your friends and family, and get them one of these crystals before the new year!

Lucky Elephants—This harmonious pair of crystal elephants will fill your loved one with the abundance and courage they need to take life by the horns—or, tusks!

Jade Roller—Ahhh! This luxurious facial massager would do someone in your life a whole lot of good. Infusing the spirit with the prosperous vibes of jade, this roller will help your loved one to release tension and welcome a wealth of positive thoughts instead.

Pyrite—Give a loved one pyrite to invite abundance, prosperity, success and wealth into their life.


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