Crystals for Car Protection to Keep in Your Car

Before we get to the crystals to keep in your car, like any good makeover the first step to be taken is to clean out the entirety of your car from the inside out. Ridding this space of any extra clothes and clutter will provide a clean slate for you to begin the crystals for car protection process. Once you are working with a clean space it is time to energetically cleanse your vehicle with the burning sage and the sounds of OM chanting. Make sure to get the inside and outside of your vehicle for a full cleanse!

Upon completion and before starting your engine, hold your crystals for car protection in both hands and say out loud: “I am protected. My car is protected. Everyone in my car is protected at all times. Each and every day, a shield of white light surrounds my car to protect it and keep it safe.” Now, it is time to place the crystals for safe car travel in the appropriate locations to maintain the desired extra layer of energetic protection.

Where to Place the Crystals for Car Protection:

  1. Place the Black Tourmaline under the driver’s seat for protection. Black Tourmaline protects and shields your car, and anyone in it, from unwanted energy. 
  2. Place Selenite under the passenger’s seat for cleansing. Selenite cleanses and purifies the energy of your car to keep it vibrating at the highest level.  
  3. Place Clear Quartz in the center console to create a shield of white light. Clear Quartz acts as a shield of white light that maintains positive energy around your car. 
  4. Place Amethyst in your glove compartment to foster safety. Amethyst is known to promote safe travels and to help your car run smoothly.

Every three months make sure to gather your crystals for car protection, cleanse them, and place them back inside your vehicle to maintain the protective shield.

Heather Askinosie

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