Discover the different forms of Psychic Healing

What is Psychic Healing?

Psychic healing is known as Energy healing.  It involves sending energy to a person by one or more persons to heal him or her.  Only persons having high meditation capacity and mindfulness can do psychic healing.  When you have good concentration, you can direct energy flow to augment those of the patient.

All dealings by the psychic Energy healing are done at the subconscious level of the patient.  A few psychic healers have clairvoyant powers, so they are able to sense the cause of a problem.  They use images to get guidance or at times, contact their spiritual guide directly at the subconscious level to achieve success.

Three Forms of Psychic Healing

We see psychic Energy healing exist in three forms.

Pranic healing

They use universal life force called Prana (Ki in Chinese philosophy) to achieve healing. This force is directed to the affected parts in a person’s body to give holistic health.  It can achieve through proper breathing technique.

Spiritual healing

This is a high form of healing involving ancient wisdom.  In this, the healer allows the force of the universe to flow through him to the patient.  This action bathes him in a constant flow of spiritual light.

Mental healing

This is a method of controlling all the body cells. Healer holds an image in his mind of all body cells, and that they are all working properly.  This enhances the healing process.

To use psychic Energy healing properly, one must understand a little about this Psychic Energy healing technique.  There is a transfer of healing energy between two people. Individual experience is important though you can use many techniques.

Use of Crystals Psychic-healing

Crystals have a link to psychic healing in a wonderful way.  They have a capacity to hold vibrational energy.  Different crystals and crystal combinations also find a use for harnessing useful healing energy.  You can use this energy to boost the body’s energy. It does this by intensifying the power of vibrations so that it grows and develops within the patient’s body.

Using Distant Healing

Distant healing is a very effective process, and It influences the other person even though he/she is miles away. Moreover, it does not require any intensive training to execute. The only sincere aim needs to help other person and a readiness to sit with calm.

Other methods involve Reiki and Quantum Healing.  They use special breathing and body awareness techniques in all psychic healing methods.  You can also achieve a quick cure for your ailment through this.

Christina Ng

3 thoughts on “Discover the different forms of Psychic Healing”

  1. Psychic healing requires a lot of inner peace for one to achieve that healing which they are after. It takes a lot of patience, calmness and even genuine care to actually carry out a complete healing process. I really admire psychics and when I see one performing any form of healing, I’m usually held spellbound! It’s beautiful to know we have such around.

  2. This is really nice. But I’m quite curious about some things. Can a patient perform a psychic healing on himself? I’ve seen spiritual healing take place right in front of me and I got really interested, can one actually learn this?

    1. Hi Ajas, thanks for your comments. Yes, you can certainly channel your own energies on yourself if you have the right intentions and positive feelings, because stress and worry will affect the healing process. Don’t forget our mind is an important thing. Be sure to check out tips on energy healing in my upcoming blogs!

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