Best wishes for 2019!

Well, 2018 is nearly over and 2019 is just around the corner. The new year is always a joyous time of celebration at the passing of the old and the coming of the new.  People from all over the world will ring in the new year with best wishes and greet each other with warm happy thoughts.

I love this holiday more than any other because it sings to my own beliefs and is beyond ethnicity, religions, creed, and caste and is focused on joyous festivity and rebirth for all.  It symbolises new beginning and brings hope and a fresh start for all individuals from every corner of the world.

It is only natural, as the year ends, that we spend time evaluating the past year and make plans for the one to come. The new year brings with it the hope and promise that we can accomplish all that we couldn’t in the past twelve months. Whether it is improving your skills or going on a new adventure, the new year gives everyone a renewed chance at happiness and peace.

For those of you who like to set yourself with personal goals to achieve in the new year then beware of the temptation to be ambitious with resolutions.

Pledging to go to the gym every day, or not drinking alcohol for the whole year are fine ideas in principle but are too easily discarded in favour of a kebab or a curry after a night in the pub with friends.  Even the most determined can fall by the wayside when faced with a pint of Coopers, glass of wine or a bag of chips covered in vinegar.

But remember lifestyle changes don’t need to be so drastic or daunting. Think about small resolutions that are easily achieved with just a few changes and can be held onto throughout the year. And don’t just think that the new year is the only time for renewal.  Remind yourself that each week, each day can be seen as a new start.  Just like in Yoga class, where stepping onto the mat means letting go of everything that has gone before and cultivating a type of awareness and attention to the details of everything we do and then using this in our everyday lives.

It’s with this sense of renewal and positivity that I say goodbye now, 2018.  Thank you all for your support over the past year, and I hope you all have an amazing year that is peaceful and calm.  I hope to see you back here on my blog in the coming months.

Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead!

Love and Light

Christina Ng

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