How did spiritual healing overcome my depression?

Spiritual Healing

I am happy I met a woman who engages in divine healing missions recently. I want to know about Spiritual healing. She is such a kindhearted person. I was positive about our interaction from the first time we engaged in the chat. During our first meeting, I was quite tensed. However, she made me feel easy and relaxed in a short period.

We talked for about 60 minutes after which, she started the healing execution session on me. This lasted for 10 minutes. I stated to her that an unusual thing occurred on the day that I was registering to have the healing session with her.


I recalled that on this particular night, at about 3 am, I felt a touch that resembled that of a sword, on me. Precisely, it was a white light kind of splash that passed very fast. I had not experienced something like that before. I jumped out of bed quick sweating profusely. Of course, sweating was weird considering, we were in winter and it was extremely cold in the night. I wondered why I would have been sweating.

The session about remote healing assisted me to regain my senses. More often than not, I would feel, empty and think that nothing was working right for me. I had meltdowns whenever I reflected about issues in my family, relationship, as well as financial situations.

Conquer my anxiety through Spiritual Healing

I have broken down many times in life. prefer to hide and wail. When the rest of the world retires in the night, I find myself crying myself to sleep. I shed tears not out of a want but a need. It helps me to empty the bitterness, sadness, and anger that seems to reside deep down inside me. I will wail when my feelings drop.

I hide from my children and cry. Failure in my studies also made me cry. In addition to this, the sight of older citizens going through abuse and pain is enough reason to make me cry. Dissatisfactions in life make me cry. I break down when I face setbacks.

Altogether, with time, I have mastered the courage to be brave through spiritual healing. I gained knowledge on ways to conquer my anxieties using crystals. I also learned to depend on a guiding angel in my life for directions and that steer me forward.

After the Spiritual energy healing, I felt relieved and happy. The feeling matched that of getting a heavy burden taken off from me. I propose to you spiritual healing because it has been a successful remedy in my life.

Remote Healing

It is normal to cast doubts on remote healing especially on depression. I wondered about it too. I posed to think that, if mental health physicians could simply offer options to suppress the indicators by use of counseling and oral drugs, then that type of medication would suffice. Otherwise, what is the likelihood of positive outcomes of remote healing conducted through the phone?

Nevertheless, I lacked a sufficient support system to cushion me from sadness and anxieties at the time. I was desperate and wanted to heal so badly.

I learnt about remote healing but was hesitant to try it. Not sure whether I was right or I was second guessing myself when I made the consultation phone call. I wondered whether it was proper and if it was safe. I doubted if it was even possible to be remotely treated spiritual healing or it was another fraudulent scheme on unsuspecting people but, because I had no other choice, I tried it.

Depression had gotten the best of me, and this made me absent from my friends and family. I wanted to improve so that I would help my family and those who loved me.

Spiritual Healer

I called the spiritual healer and shared about my condition with bravery.

What are the occurrences during far-off healing?

My spiritual healer secured an interruption-free session that would enable me to share, and then she could remotely heal me. As hard as it is to comprehend, she sent Spiritual  Healing to me and it worked.

At the point she requested me to concentrate on my mental state and close my eyes, I felt somewhat kind of power to overshadow me. Suddenly, I felt tingling sensations, coolness, high temperatures, but in all these, I was calm and okay.

When she asked for a rating on my depression levels, I said slightly lower than average and it surprisingly got better.

After some sessions, of these remote healing, the stress levels dwindled and finally disappeared. I am grateful to report that I have enjoyed this state for several months.

Crystals were effective in wiping out my depression. Amethyst and clear quartz are the ones I fancy most. It was my spiritual healer who facilitated in unraveling their power to assist me to gain back my health.

When going through emotional issues, relationship problems, emotional trauma, and other psychological issues, it is suggested that you use Rose Quartz into crystals. I intend to add this to my list of favorite crystals.

Christina Ng


4 thoughts on “How did spiritual healing overcome my depression?”

  1. Okay. I’m not really into all these spiritual stuff but if it’s going to help me out of my depression for good, well why not? I’ve really been feeling depressed lately and honestly, I do not really know exactly why.

  2. I have a Rose Quartz in my collection of crystals and to be honest, they are very good for emotional trauma, relationship troubles, and many other emotional issues bothering you. Mine was recommended by a very good healer and since then I’ve never looked back. I’ve recorded good results and everything just feels better.

  3. An interesting story. I’ll certainly give remote healing consideration. I guess I just need to wait for a personal recommendation because I would certainly fear paying the wrong person good money. I’m iffy about crystals but I have to admit, a good hunk of crystal looks nice in a lounge. Fun fact: crying is good for you, it’s a good detox if nothing else!

  4. I was blown away listening about your experience. I’ve never heard about remote hearing or from anyone who has personally experienced it. Thanks for sharing your story here, Christina. It’s incredible how the Internet has opened up discussions about people’s individual experiences.

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