If you love someone, Tell Them!

There are things in life we can find alternatives to them.  Mending relationships is one of them.  There are no escaping life patterns and what is expected of us especially when it comes to love.  You do not have to wait until it is all over to go through your life review.

If you pay attention, you will know exactly how you affect your loved ones before you make the transition. It is therefore, important to make the life review early to accomplish your emotional duty.  All you did or failed to accomplish will emerge as if it were done or not done to you. This makes it a big deal.

It is when most things we take for granted are taken from us that we really get to think about appreciating our loved ones and the things that mattered. These people and activities seem to emerge and become vivid when it’s all over. It would not be wise to wait until the reality of what and who matters to depress you.  Instead, you should use it as a motivational factor.  Use the opportunity to say what you have always wanted to say both to others and to yourself.

Here are some tips to consider to help you do or say what you need to before it is too late for it:

 Saying ‘I love You’

We may never appreciate the role of love and its depth to us until it is taken away.  Do not wait for until you lose it to appreciate someone at the moment.  Take up a chance and let them know your affectionate feelings toward them.  This means you need to proceed and tell someone you love them and show it to them as you feel it.  Do not risk confusing and breaking hearts by thoughtful words left unspoken or by loving deeds never realised.  There may not always be a next time to postpone your words or actions.  Make it as instant, honest, and as open as you can.  Make the current moment count and let today be the day you express your love and admiration without the fear of contradiction or the unknown.

 Unleashing emotions

According to relationship experts, things left unsaid about our loved ones form a serious emotional baggage, which will weigh heavy on us and lag for a lifetime.  Considering the effect on your lives, it would be a wise idea if we did it whilst we still can.   Letter-writing is one of the perfect solutions for expressing our unfinished emotions.  It will allow you to release the guilt, shame, and resentment among many other feelings. Unleash all you have and would regret not saying after your loved one is gone.

 Your Crush

Telling someone you love them for the first time may be difficult especially if you tend to overthink it.  Getting over your nerves and telling your crush you like them is another part of self-conflict resolution.  This is admittedly, a risk as there are many possibilities. It may be awkward, or will turn out as sweet, or heart-wrenching. One thing is sure and that is; you need to be brave and overcome your fears of the unknown to tell someone you are falling for them. It may be hard to do a face-to-face chat with them because you cannot face them. However, this is something you know it is inevitable and will soon have to happen. For this reason, it is only fair that you make it early before it is too late.

 Find Help

If you are planning on making your secret crush less of a secret to the person, it is understandable to be reluctant. However, you cannot remain worried because you will regret it with time. There is nothing much to lose by saying it now and get it over with.  After all, emotions do fade away and the fear of rejection only makes it worse by prolonging the worries. The best part is that you may not have to do it in person if you are not ready to face the crush.

It is advisable to get a professional or elder to help craft a simple way to express your emotions and love to this person without spoiling it.  Perhaps you can talk to a counsellor and consider the options you have. It could also be your friend who knows you well enough or the person as well.  The whole idea would be not to waste any more time because you never know what the future holds.

 The fear of the unknown and the fear of rejection hold many people back from admitting they love other people. Other external issues may also contribute to this postponement and procrastination. It is not wise to live with feeling without expressing them or words without saying them. It begets regret and may never be solvable or reconcilable. The person could pass or you may never see them again.  The only reasonable thing would be to garner your guts and face them. If you still can’t face this person, remember you can still write to them.

All the best!

Christina Ng





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