Living an enlightened life is a phenomenon experienced by many of us.

We open ourselves to our true nature and raise our level of consciousness. Several transformations are appearing at this moment. We are experiencing great emotional upheavals that push us to question everything and take stock of our lives.

And now, what about this awareness of our existence?

Below are some principles to living and enlightened life.

Simplify one’s existence

We often tend to complicate our lives. Why? Because the ego believes this is the only way for him to survive. Our mind makes us believe that we must always add a little more. More work, more material goods, more money, more relationships. We also believe that we need to be more efficient, more competitive, more perfectionist, more conciliatory. In short, we never feel up to it and we always demand more of ourselves. The awakening makes us realise that it is in simplicity that we will find our happiness. As much in the inner and outer simplicity.

Be in joy

When we are in joy, we vibrate at a much higher frequency. We attract people, events, and situations that we need to evolve.

Now, how to be in joy?

Do what you like. Do what makes you happy and fills you with happiness.

It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger, going to water your garden, reading a book or doing a yoga session.

It can also be to help others, to help a sick child, to bring comfort to a friend, no matter what gives you joy. Do it as often as possible. Always rememeber Joy is a fruit of the Spirit, manifest it. Buddha Groove Tree of Life Window Art

Become love

This is the reason for being first of our passage here on Earth. What other reason do we have to be here to experience love in all its forms? Love for his child, for his life partner, for his family, for his friends, for pure strangers. Love for nature, for the creation and for the one who allows us to live this life.

Becoming love is certainly not easy in our time. But he who makes it his reason for being and pursues his goal with determination, faith and confidence will grow and bring light to humanity.

Every thought, word, gesture, or action of love will bring sweetness and comfort to others. Becoming aware that we can heal ourselves and heal the world around us, by becoming love, can change our lives and those of others forever.

Know and accept our true nature

Awakening makes us realise that we are much more than our physical body, our name, our age, and even our nationality and our civil status. We are Presence, Consciousness, Light, Unity, Joy.  We are a spiritual and multidimensional being. We are here to evolve consciously.

Our true nature is hidden behind our mind, our ego.  This is our fundamental essence. To feel it, we must calm our minds. Give yourself moments of tranquility. Return to you. Remember who we are. Enter the fold.

Our life is a long process of discovery, realisation, acceptance, and unification. Knowing our true nature is part of this process and if you cross it in joy and letting go, you will awaken to a universe even more wonderful than anything you can imagine.

Christina Ng

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