Mala Beads For Yoga Meditation – Zen Gemstone Necklace Spirit Jewelry For Prayer and Positive Affirmations Namaste Bracelet in Gift Bags Best Mantra Guide For Str… Review

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1. Are you anxious, worried or unsure about life ?

2. Are you seeking greater mindfulness on your spiritual journey ?

3. Do you love, practice or teach yoga ?

4. Are you tired of giving thoughtless gifts ?

Light Love Bliss Free Mantra, Mala & Affirmations guide will help you enhance your manifestation skills and reduce stress by teaching you the fundamentals of starting your own mantra practice with your mala.

These sacred Buddhist and Yoga inspired beads are a tool for your self healing and meditation.

Wear these mala beads to class or to your yogi chai catch-ups, as a spiritually energized and beautiful yogic accessory. Dress them up for an evening out.

These precious mala beads make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Christmas, for an amazing friend gifts and for the girl with all the gifts.

Sacred Mala beads come with a complementary mantra, mala & affirmations guide, linen drawstring pouch, beautiful rose gold plated light love bliss charm and an auspicious Guru bead with luxurious tassel.

HAND KNOTTED MALAS – Made with 108 Best Quality 6mm Beads. Our Malas are hand knotted between each seed and gemstone, allowing one to chant their mantra and keep track of where they are.
YOGA MALA BEADS DEEPEN YOUR MEDITATION – These prayer beads help make that connection between your mind, body, and soul. The more you use the Light Love Bliss Yoga Mala Beads, the stronger the outcome
GAIN THE BENEFITS YOU WANT, WHATEVER THAT MAY BE – Our Chakra necklace is created with Rudraksha Gemstone, which offer tremendous energy & power to you and your yoga practice. It provide mental peace
ACHIEVE MENTAL WELLNESS – Meditation combined with Light Love Bliss mala prayer necklaces allows you to achieve optimal mental wellness. The Mala Necklace is designed to help you personally with whate
INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY – It increases productivity and easy incorporation of new information and thus boosts memory. Buddhist prayer beads & yoga beads

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