Miracles do happen!


Do you believe in the miracles of God?

I do because I’m a living witness! I know Miracles do happen.

Precisely, it was 7 years ago that I conceived and gave birth to my son, Ryan, in Brunei.  It was an incredible experience for me, considering the chain of events that follows before and immediately after Ryan’s birth.  Today, each time I set my eyes on Ryan and remember the past, I knew deep down that God has given me a living miracle, for which I just cannot stop thanking Him enough.  I believed that miracles do happen. So I’m here to share the testimony with you and to encourage you to trust in miracles of God. 

A birth characterised with pains

My story will compel you to believe that miracles do happen. Ryan’s birth was one laden with different challenges.  From the moment he proceeded from the womb, he was faced with myriad health issues—from loss of blood to a fragile-looking appearance. Ryan’s birth was one that evokes sorrow, pity, and heartbreak.  It was a pain to see my child who was looking extremely pale, with no respiration and no heart rate, to say the least.  His birth carries a preterm ranging 35/40, with an equally fragile weight measuring 2.46Kg.

Ryan’s birth and chances of survival were so dire that the only way the physicians could bring him forth was through suction, after which he was given both bags and mask ventilation, all to no avail.  Doctors immediately intubating him and utilising continuous pressure ventilation; still, there was no response.  The doctors took it a step further by performing a cardiac compression  on him, together with a dose of adrenaline, but Ryan remains unresponsive to all medical efforts and his health continues to defy every attempt made to keep him alive. Miracles-do-happen

Not to be undone by such a rare predicament, the doctors went ahead to insert Umbilical Venous Catheter with another two doses of Adrenaline, then followed by a chest compression, and for the first time, Ryan’s heart rate responded with a gasp of breath that ranges 25 minutes old.

God’s hand by my side

Looking back now, I felt relieved and lucky to have had such a wonderful and dedicated team of doctors, specialist and nurses who fought resiliently to revive my child.

It wasn’t until when a specialist brought Ryan and showed him to me for an abrupt moment before he was transferred to NICU that I learned of the intense battle fought to save my child’s life.  The doctor narrated Ryan’s condition to me and the war they fought to save his life, sending me into a speechless and complete state of shock.  My fear and utter disbelief were amplified when the doctor advised me to prepare for the worse as my baby’s condition was not looking good. They suspect he might have severe brain damage or organ failure due to the trauma that he went through at birth.

There is no greater pain than seeing my newborn baby heavily hooked up to machines and struggling hard to breathe. I asked myself, “What has he done to deserve all this?”  It was life-shattering and I was completely broken.

As I lay back on my hospital bed, feeling bewildered and worn out, that innate spiritual personality was awoken, and for the first time while in the hospital, I called out to God for help.  I summoned the courage and prayed earnestly for my child every second, and every minute I could.  As a spiritually minded person, I believe in Karma, I have faith in God.Miracles-do-happen

God to the rescue: there is a miracle in hoping

Yes, my faith in miracles of God has always been tenacious, no matter how the storm rages against me.  I may bend but never break, such is the tenacity that underlines my faith.  In fact, prior to the birth of Ryan, I did encounter similar challenges before I got pregnant.  I suffered from multiple cyst and fibroids in my uterus and bladder.  These conditions necessitated me to undergo a major surgical operation to remove the illegal occupants, the surgery was successfully performed.  Then I just turned 36, and one fateful day when I visited my gynecologist, I was informed that the right side of my fallopian tube is blocked and I could only depend on the other side of the fallopian tube to conceive. This means I will have less chance to conceive.

At that point, I felt so devastated and completely miserable on hearing the news about my chances of conception.  I thought I was never going to have babies of my own anymore.  In fact, the mere thought of it completely dissected my faith in womanhood and filled me with sorrows.

Miracles do happen, and that’s one ace I will forever keep up my faith sleeve!  A year later, I conceived and gave birth to my first daughter.  It was the greatest and most celebrated moment in my life. Hardly had the drumbeats of joy, and in the following year, I again conceived and brought forth my son, Ryan.

Faith and believe help me to overcome complications

Knowing before now that I would be having a man-child. The excitement doubles and I was looking forward to that day with an abated breath of bliss—longing to hold him in my arms.

Now, the final day came, and Ryan was born, but things didn’t work out as expected. Ryan’s birth was immensely complicated and he went through a lot of traumatic experience.  There was no night that went by without I visiting the hospital where he lay helplessly; and whenever I visit, I would whisper in his ears and say, “You are my hero, Ryan, a fighter you are, and you are going to do mummy proud. Surely, you will recover soon.”

I called out to God in prayers every night. During those times, I find it very difficult to sleep at night when Ryan was lying in the hospital. As a matter of fact, there was never a night that went by with a good sleep without thinking of Ryan. In my prayers, I pleaded with God for forgiveness.  I asked God to bless Ryan and not to take him away from me.

At a point, I promised God that I would do anything in God’s will just to have my son back. It was a period of desperation. I knew deep down that God alone has the power to take and make alive. Yes, I did ask God to give me a hint and show me a sign, of what he wants me to do in exchange or in payment for the life of Ryan. Of course, I never did receive any signs nor dreams, but I knew that one thing God wants me to do is to have faith and help others.

Healing is a gradual process

There is the saying that healing is a gradual process. This much is true when after 7 years, Ryan started growing up gradually. But remarkably, metamorphosing into a normal and healthy child.  Every change brought immense joy to my heart. Even members of the hospital staff can’t help but thank God for such a miracle.   Just when you think all hope is lost. Here comes the God of wonders doing what He alone knows how to do—working to tell you miracles do happen.  I thank God daily for this gift, and I’ve not forgotten my promise to Him.

Spurred on my miracles to do God a service

Two years ago, I started a journey in nursing as soon as Ryan began his schooling.  The untold and invaluable miracles of God did for me. Ryan was what inspired me to embark on my nursing journey.  Since then, I have been making regular donations from a small part of my monthly wages to a children cancer institute and other charity organisations.  I also worked part-time in a nursing home to help the elderly. I want to do as much as I can to offer my help while I’m still capable.

Without controversy, miracles are real, and my son, Ryan is a living testimony—a miracle boy.  Believe me, dear readers, if God could be so faithful to perform these miracles in my life. It can as well happen to anyone, especially you.

Do not give up hope. Stay strong. I believe things happen for a reason. Just believe and wait patiently for it.

Sending love and light,
Christina Ng

6 thoughts on “Miracles do happen!”

  1. True. Just when you think all hope is lost, here comes the God of wonders working His miracles. I’m also a living testimony and I still find it hard to explain how I escaped a burning building with just a scar on my face and fingers. In fact, when people look at me they will never guess the scar was caused by fire. If you are yet to believe that miracle happens, I charge you to look around you and you’ll be surprised by people’s stories.

  2. Wow. This is inspiring. I’ll always remember to not give up hope, to stay strong and always remember that things happen for a reason. I may be a very inpatient person but I believe and I’m waiting patiently for my own miracle which will locate me.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us, I’m humbled by this story. I see so much gratitude and thankfulness in it. I thanked God today that I didn’t lose my car keys but I tend to forget to count my blessings. I’m certain there are more of them that I can think of.

  4. I love reading stories like these because it reminds me that miracles happen all over the place and in a variety of situations. I just saw a miracle when a couple I know had a very difficult delivery only for God to step in and deliver a healthy baby (on a funny note, they were supposed to have a girl and it turned out to be a boy!). I’ve seen miracles in courtrooms where a person in the right had the odds stacked against them and prevailed. Not only that, but the attorney said they’d never seen anything like it in their 30 years practicing! I’ve seen people written off as dying come back and healthier than ever. Never stop praying, even in hopeless situations because God is still in the business of making miracles happen!

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