Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality is not a religion.  It is a Path, so steep and narrow that it requires every concentrated effort on your part to keep moving onward with consistent strength and determination.  Spirituality is a personal journey where you walk alone.

The road is long and arduous, strewn with precious gems of wisdom, scattered by the Great Masters who had once trod the route to attain their personal Christhood.  These gems are the nurturance of your soul, providing greater relief and strength to the aspiring wayfarers of this Path.

Man is habituated to move around in life with a burden on his back, the contents of which have no import whatsoever. They are the old remnants of his past – sorrows, and tears – which he has carefully treasured for eons in time.

Cast your burdens aside. You cannot walk this precarious path with a load upon your shoulders. You need to travel light and free in order to progress swiftly.  All you need is your one-pointed concentration to reach your Destination and your conscious-awareness to keep to the Path.

SPIRITUALITYThe quality of your thoughts and emotions, determine the health of your entire being.  Your four lower bodies (physical, astral, mental and spiritual) are all interlinked with each other.  So what affects one facet of your being, affects the others as well.  All physical and psychosomatic diseases have their roots in the subtle bodies before they manifest at large at the physical level.  Your outer world is the reflection of your inner world.  In other words, you are constantly attracting situations and people of similar energies that you emit.

Spirituality and Health

In reality, Spirituality and health are interrelated. spirituality is the inner-engineering that requires you to take responsibility for your ordeals in life and to improve upon your flaws and short-comings.  Wrong conditionings and false beliefs have ravaged the deep layers of your mind with deleterious thought-patterns, and this is affecting you negatively at the physical, emotional and mental level.

With the help of powerful affirmations and mantras, you can reformat your mental-box and introduce new paradigms in keeping with the Cosmic Principles to create thought-patterns of the more orderly kind.

Moreover, you need to consistently exert your conscious-awareness throughout the day in everything you do.  An unguarded mind is an open-door to hordes of self-sabotaging thoughts, which distress your soul and rob you of your inner- peace.  Your conscious-awareness is like a sentinel to the intrusive thoughts that seek to sneak in. When your mind is not alert, like when you are doing some routine task that does not require your attention.

Put your mind under constant surveillance with your conscious awareness.  The instant you catch yourself entertaining some disconcerting thought, stop right there and replace it with a happier one that makes you joyful.  Over a period of time, you will sub-consciously reject all negative thoughts and replace them with happy, health-conducive ones.

Meditation and prayers are important

Meditation and prayers are an integral part of your spirituality.  They are the tools that shape your divinity and bring you in alignment with your Source.  Meditation helps to strengthen your concentration so that it serves as a constructive tool. While the pure vibrations of prayers empower your force-field, forming an invisible and invincible armor of protection around you against all the harms and dangers of this world.  Meditation and prayers are complementary to each other in your endeavor to evolve spiritually.

Spirituality is all about raising your vibrations; it is an on-going process; there is no limit to evolving spiritually.  And this has got nothing to do with any particular religion, caste or creed. Unconditional love is spirituality per se.

Unconditional love enables you to perceive life through rose-tinted glasses. So that you see perfection everywhere, thus transforming the cold, gloomy days into sunshine and laughter. This is the highest of all religions which resonates with a dynamic vibrational-frequency. This can also propel you to the greater heights of divinity.


3 thoughts on “Spirituality”

  1. In the journey of life, we just have to cast our burdens aside. A load on your shoulders won’t allow you travel light and free and this can hinder your swift progress. The earlier we begin to see things as spiritual beings, the better for us.

  2. I’ll surely try to remember to put my mind under constant surveillance with a conscious awareness. I’ve always left my mind open to negative thoughts but right now I’ll definitely be sure to replace it with a happier one.

  3. “Spirituality is not a religion.” I wish more people realized this as I know more than a few people who are religious, but far from spiritual. I like how you describe the path to enlightenment as “inner-engineering.” Spirituality is a day-to-day growth process and the more you work at it, the more you can accomplish.

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