Miracles do happen!

Do you believe in miracles?

I do because I’m a living witness!

Precisely, it was 7 years ago that I conceived and gave birth to my son, Ryan, in Brunei. It was an incredible experience for me, considering the chain of events that follows before and immediately after Ryan’s birth. Today, each time I set my eyes on Ryan and remember the past, I knew deep down that God has given me a living miracle, for which I just cannot stop thanking Him enough. So I’m here to share the testimony with you and to encourage you to trust in miracles.

A birth characterised with pains

Ryan’s birth was one laden with different challenges. From the moment he proceeded from the womb, he was faced with myriad health issues—from loss of blood to a fragile-looking appearance, Ryan’s birth was one that evokes sorrow, pity, and heartbreak.  It was a pain to behold my child looking extremely pale, with no respiration and no heart rate, to say the least.  His birth carries a preterm ranging 35/40, with an equally fragile weight measuring 2.46Kg. Continue reading “Miracles do happen!”

How did spiritual healing help overcome my depression?

I connected to a spiritual healer not long ago, and am glad I found her. She is a beautiful soul. I knew she could heal my soul the moment I met her on live chat. The day when I met her for the first session, I was a bit nervous, but she calmed me and made me feel comfortable right away.

We chatted for an hour before she performed the remote healing on me for 10 minutes.  I told her a strange thing happened to me the day I signed up to book for the session.

I remember very well that night, around 3 in the morning, in my sleep, a sudden splash of white light like a sword touched me in a split of seconds. This has never happened to me in my life. I woke up with a sudden shock, and I was sweating. It was in the middle of winter and the night was so cold. How could I be sweating, I asked myself. Continue reading “How did spiritual healing help overcome my depression?”