Miracles do happen!

Do you believe in the miracles of God?

I do because I’m a living witness! I know Miracles do happen.

Precisely, it was 7 years ago that I conceived and gave birth to my son, Ryan, in Brunei.  It was an incredible experience for me, considering the chain of events that follows before and immediately after Ryan’s birth.  Today, each time I set my eyes on Ryan and remember the past, I knew deep down that God has given me a living miracle, for which I just cannot stop thanking Him enough.  I believed that miracles do happen. So I’m here to share the testimony with you and to encourage you to trust in miracles of God.  Continue reading “Miracles do happen!”

How did spiritual healing overcome my depression?

Spiritual Healing

I am happy I met a woman who engages in divine healing missions recently. I want to know about Spiritual healing. She is such a kindhearted person. I was positive about our interaction from the first time we engaged in the chat. During our first meeting, I was quite tensed. However, she made me feel easy and relaxed in a short period.

We talked for about 60 minutes after which, she started the healing execution session on me. This lasted for 10 minutes. I stated to her that an unusual thing occurred on the day that I was registering to have the healing session with her. Continue reading “How did spiritual healing overcome my depression?”