Yoga Meditation

Importance of Yoga Meditation

For most people, yoga is a stretching exercise that yields healthy physical benefits and tightens the skin and body. It makes people appear younger and to improve their posture.  But yoga provides a deep and insightful experience to the ones who really indulge themselves in the practice.  Yoga meditation is an exercise of the mind and a practice of spiritual healing.  Which is why thousands of people regard yoga for spirituality and for changing their psyche and starting a new and healthy life.

Active Sitting & Balance Ball BannerWe can say that Yoga meditation has this profound set of laws that assist people to find the right way in order to explore and attain inner peace through self-love, patience, and compassion.  For instance, one of the laws states about bad deeds returning to people who committed them or everything that goes around comes around; commonly known as Karma.

Mind to Body, Body to Energy- The tri-cycleYoga-meditation

It is normal for humans to experience everyday emotions of the mind. It influences the energy and aura it creates for your body. In turn, It affects the movements and postures of your body.  Consider the example of disappointment.  Yoga meditation will affect your mind to the extent that it will lower your energy levels. You will wrap yourself closer in distress or lower your shoulders whilst keep convincing your own self that you have a hard luck or you are of no use.

On the other hand, if we take happiness, it causes energy to flow to our mind and body and creates an aura of freshness.  You straighten up and glow with pleasure.  We can also relate this to the idea of self-reflection, what we feel is what we are.  It is helpful to repeat a mantra- few words to yourself while doing yoga for spirituality.

Influence of Heart

Overcoming the emotional tendencies of the heart is a very important element of practicing yoga for spirituality.  Yoga meditation is the profound essence of mental growth and spiritual healing.  Majority of yogis seek to enhance the reactive tendency of their emotions in a controlled and calm way in order to become an expert at their own tendencies.

This affects them such that their energy is redirected to them in a calm and rational aura towards the brain in order to create space for spiritual thinking. This raises the bar of consciousness and assists in lifting the heart out of the havoc of emotions and desires. 


To achieve success in any field of life, a person is required to have a steady and focused path of concentration towards the ongoing task rather than giving in to disturbances along the way.  It is vital to calm yourself and blow your energy to your mind to complete the task at hand.  People view this as an act of self-control and discipline, but this mostly relates to the mind and body which is why yoga for spirituality and mind peace is important.

Christina Ng

4 thoughts on “Yoga Meditation”

  1. What we feel is what we are, no doubt. I always try to make it a duty to keep negative vibes far away from me. Each day I remind myself about the positive things happening around and how I should be grateful. All these keeps me going and I also enjoy that sense of fulfillment and happiness.

  2. Woah. Yoga for spirituality? Well, this is new. I’m always rushing through my yoga routines and that just involves stretches and all to keep the body alive and healthy. I never really gave any thought to a spiritual side of yoga. Well, I’m definitely going to look that direction now.

  3. “To achieve success in any field of life, a person is required to have a steady and focused path of concentration towards the ongoing task rather than giving in to disturbances along the way.” Gosh, this is so true and I absolutely think yoga is a valid path, along with cold showers and long walks! Lol. It takes a while to learn how to manage the mind but the sooner we can do it, the sooner we can start enjoying life and getting the most from it.

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